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  1. as title say.need crab.paying in gold. PM me with offer
  2. do u sell crabs?i need one asap.paying in gold
  3. some other question are unclear.for example So my thinking is that island claimers must farm gems for tax bank.Or devs think other way.Its so much unclear and confused in last log that THEY MUST CLEARY TELL US ALL>MUST.They made this game,but we play it.We spend our time in it,plus our money so is necesary to clear all out.Also i think that they need hear us and what we think.This poll is intened to show Devs in failure with char wipe and claim system.This two thing are not connected and hot theme and both need another solution to be made with it.
  4. i ask about both becuse this two thing is a big problem for community.
  5. In poll i wanna just show Devs what we as community think about new claim system and server wipe.
  6. Hi! I am solo player and you are welcome to join my company . I do mosty whale killing,treasure hunting and so. Have big base with alot of tamed animal.
  7. Very nice beach side....peacefull....both flags on beach.all resource on island. Biome Equatorial PM with offer please
  8. mojazena

    loom bug

    can anyone help.or know clue for fix it
  9. mojazena

    loom bug

    Yesterday i demolish my loom becuse i whas making newplace for it,and befor making new one i spec few points into cooking.after that i cant craft anymore look.have all mats and they are green(on left side where is list of neded mats).BUT CANT CRAFT IT.wtf is it. can anyone help
  10. how much u ask for it in gold?
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