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  1. Sevas

    FFS your installer

    started with 25gb free, ran out of space, uninstalled, path or exile, civ 5 and 6 , division 2 and frostpunk, cleaned up roughly 100gb, back down to 18gb now. This isn't huge it's disastrous , if it doesn't cleanup some space after install lol. 109 gb atlas folder and growing.. I literally have they are billions and atlas installed for 250gb of used space in the steam folder... ok so it gave me 132gb back but that just wrecked my day with installs
  2. Sevas

    XP needs a tweak

    Sure maps are a great way to get XP , but passed level 80 it starts to get ridiculous. I've moved only a small fraction of the bar in 2 weeks since we've been doing powerstones and now essences. And then when 2x is up if you're not marathon running maps (journeyman or above) you're not even going to budge it. Farming / hunting literally amounts having to kill let's see something like 8000 animals at lvl 80. Not asking for easy levels by any means but activities that aren't maps need to have a benefit to level as well. Even just adding some to sailing would be tremendous since we do spend a good amount of time at sea. Or if maybe I'm just missing a good way to level let me know.
  3. Sevas

    Carrots - Where are you?

    or a sickle either if I remember correctly, they actually look like carrots but you need to pick them by hand. If you're near E5 /global I have some seeds if you need a couple.
  4. Sevas

    2x weekend Friday!

    I played since prewipe, was incredibly disappointing to have lost all that time, specifically all those discovery points that had to be reacquired. Still work to be done obviously but headed in the right direction. A lot of the quest rewards have made the game more engaging. Content like that is what will keep me playing. The new island system works well enough. I can't think of an easy or logical solution to foundation spams, but at least on NA pve it hasn't been a huge issue, but sadly that is only because the population is small enough that we have too much room to play with atm.
  5. Sevas

    2x weekend Friday!

    Thanks for turning on 2x Friday morning as opposed to randomly on Saturday at 4am est. This needs to always be a thing!
  6. Sevas

    Higher XP for sailing

    Please god add just a little xp while sailing, 80-81 is gonna take like 25 jn maps while the totality of 70-75 was equal to like 7.
  7. Sevas

    Inventory Item text

    THANK YOU!!!!
  8. Sevas

    Inventory Item text

    Toggled eveything on or off matched it up with other game install , sitll nothing about to dig through the .ini file now.... why can't this be simple.
  9. Sevas

    Galleon stuck on nothing

    I can pitch the ship 45 degrees yet it won't back up at all... have used K to examine all the land mass under the boat and the nose isn't even touching the ground. Pve's only enemy are bugs. Literally lose more ships and crap to game mechanics being broken then anything else. Waiting for it to rain and if that doesn't fix it guess I gotta scuttle the ship that took a damned long time to build solo. Please take a look at the terrain, especially in the eastern temperate there are tons of seemingly passable areas even on foot that are just broken.
  10. Sevas

    Inventory Item text

    A few weeks ago I noticed a white text over all the inventory items I thought it was just something they added. Installed the game on new computer and the text is gone now. It isn't the toggle tooltips I'm talking about it's a white text overlay on any item in any inventory space. I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn it on and off. I've gone through every option from the game settings and spent time trying find anything about item text and I just can't . Has to be somewhere or maybe a .ini setting or something. Please help.
  11. So we've a nice company next to us from the start of the game, they are on and off occasionally, just the two of them. They took a week off and these jack asses climbing picked their tame pen wall claimed all the animals and then glitched through all through the walls riding the animals. The claim times should maybe be attached to the structures or the flag, in your own territory the timer doesn't decay, if you dismount and leave your animal in some random area make it like 1day claimable or something. What annoyed me most though was the blatant use of the broken physics to push them through the walls.
  12. Sevas

    Servers are going nuts now

    I've had the occasional hiccup with an animal trying to float off to the sky but tonight I put my 67 elephant on boat and it immediately wound up a mile in the sky. Went to drown myself and died to cold not oxygen. Whistle only works like 10% of the time... so I guess I lost another elephant to a bug , we die and lose more stuff to bugs then anything intended in the game.
  13. Sevas

    Map help please

    I haven't dug to far into it, it's probably simple but here it goes. I play on 4 different computers and each has it's own map with areas uncovered, can I just import a few files to maintain the same map on all my computers? Thanks in advance.
  14. Just a thought how about a progressive 1-10% buff if you stay alive for X period of time so that not killing yourself has a benefit.
  15. You are going to break the game. How do you expect anyone to function with the stone change. it favors tropical WAY too much. I love the idea of scarcity and requiring ,.. 1. travel and expansion 2. trade The paste requirements are excessive and tropical just literally sits on all the necessities and won't require any of the above and can just fortify indefinitely which will create a big compounding problem in PVP with literally the strong just exponentially getting stronger. As for PVE it forces longer and longer travel times and doesn't really incentivize trade at all. If I spend 5 days farming sugar I'm not trading it for 2 hrs worth of any other resource. And if you ever add Sap to tundra it will just make the game's exploration feel mundane and recycled in each climate.