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  1. @Jatheish I have to ask you to please consider flags for PVE as I stated earlier in posts, without it PVE will all be like lawless and a person could be building and someone plop a pillar/floor down beside where we would be building causing us to not be able to build anymore. You will be getting many complaints about so and so is blocking this spawn or has pillared me in. By allowing us to do claims we are helping you because we whomever owns the claim can demo said pillars etc. Allow companies the same as PVP do a flag limit. Could you give a reason why this would not work for PVE as well as it does for PVP. I feel you really prefer pvp and could care less on PVE please prove me wrong. I know you all have a way to make it work better for us. I was so excited watching the livestream like oh wow that will be nice till I realized nope not for us PVE ppl. I enjoy having a bank I never hardly get anything but I enjoy the excitement of what I'll find. I had built a awesome western town well I am biased I loved it and hate to lose it but would really like to do so again. Make the flags a hard limit heck even like 2 per company that is more than enough even for big companys. I have 9k hours on ark and 750 hrs here I've been around with all the wipes from ark and even here I expected it here not so soon but expected it eventually. I do wish you could allow us to keep our discovery points. A few of us are pretty high lvl 70+ for some.
  2. I really wish you would allow claim flags for PVE. This sounds like basically all of our servers will be like lawless. That means that people can come in and kill out spawns or prevent you from building by blocking and then there is the fact on lawless rocks and trees will spawn through the foundations. I really do hope you rethink PVE version of this. I feel we are getting crapped on.
  3. Irisa~moon

    Baby bear hp loss rate bugged

    I think till they get the bugs worked out they should just do away with the heat and cold issue or at least get rid of it after baby stage.
  4. Irisa~moon

    pve WTB

    WTB Giraffe, rhino, and ostrich please don't ask to pm just state here what you want for them, and what you might charge to deliver. I would like to know tame lvl and if has any points spent also please.
  5. Irisa~moon

    Baby Bear after patch

    I was raising a baby bear after the new patch with the weather fix. I had 13 grills going and had done first imprint. I was over 8 hrs into raise and it was at like 18ish percent. I left to gather more wood and it died. I was just outside the building no farther than 100 feet. I would really love for you to fix the bug that is causing them to die. It was full of food and the troughs was also and it's body showed it still had food so please fix this.
  6. Irisa~moon

    Creature Designer

    Bear: I agree that bears should be able to gather honey it's what bears do. HEY HEY BOO BOO and all that Chicken: Chickens could maybe help with garden with scratching being able to work as tilling and their poop as fertalizer while placed on a crop plot. Cow: ok but wish could put a saddle on it also. Bull: could gather thatch much better Crow: seems ok atm Razortooth : no comment atm Shieldhorn: no comment atm Elephant: The elephants tusks get hung up on EVERYTHING please find a way to fix that they can't move when they do this Giant Pig: Maybe make pigs dig up our treasure and give a buff or increase for using them?? Giraffe could gather thatch much better. Horse :Make Passive tame on the horses or make a carrot on a stick to lure them Lion : I like the idea of it being able to grab an animal and move it for u. Monkey : Give a climbing buff or food reduction buff. Ostrich: more hp is all i can think of atm Parrot: Maybe use as a way to find discoveries also allow it to be your eyes or something like that. Penguin: Fix penguins to help with babies I tamed 10 and they didn't help once with bears. Rabbit :Rabbits really should give some buff also, but glad they finally ride on shoulder. Maybe they could help find certain veggies in an area? Or as someone suggested a lucky buff when doing treasure. Rhino: Rhinos should get metal also from rocks like a pickaxe can and better metal from nodes i can mine more with hand than rhino can. Seagull: I loved VEG's idea that seagulls help with fog or someone else's idea of them warning of storm... ..Someone said seagulls to send msgs or bps in this case I love this idea. Can send maps also. Sheep: I loved the ideas others said about it being for fiber which is technically real world what it is. Tiger: not used enought to comment on. Vulture: Vultures could give a buff for killing animals or something. Wolf: Wolves need better stam period. Just some of others ideas and some of my own. make it so when you lvl certain aspects of shoulder pets they give a larger buff. Love the idea to make animals ignore gathering certain items like the ankys that got changed on ark. REALLY not animal change wise but you all had the fix for animals falling through the floors on ark please bring it over to here. I'm so tired of demolishing floors to get an animal unstuck. Some animal does need to be better with gathering thatch doesn't matter if giraffe or bull or something new. Breeding please please please infinity PLEASE fix it. Shouldn't have to babysit it past the baby stage a 30+ hour watch is horrible. Something not mentioned but maybe make more NPC's that could maybe help with raising baby's? Help with farming they can sweep decks maybe they can till gardens or milk the cows etc? Please make it where u can tame the animal you should be able to get it's food source within that region if not that island. I agree with those that have said crew should be seperate from tames. Also you have the means to have items go into a bank can we have the same happen when we buy from other players? I'd love to be able to sell from my own land I have a western town set up and would love to have visitors there because hey they might farm while visiting. I would also like to add i'd love to have more premade buildings we can use and be used like forge houses etc.
  7. I would love to leave the lawless lands, and a lot of people who have claimed lands have quit so there is land up for grabs. However you are unable to claim land because while waiting that 6 hrs to claim someone walks into your claim to farm a tree, to tame an elephant, to farm rocks or even just walks near not even over the line in some points. This has been tested by me I've seen it. Please fix it so that we can claim and someone walking into area doesn't disrupt it. Make it so it's an option if they are wanting to challenge in some way please, and not simple because they needed resources. I've been trying to claim a spot now nearly 24 hrs and it keeps reseting just because a guy needed stone on my spot. Also today it took 3/7 of our company to take out an alpha lion with cannons, arrows, fire arrows etc. I have a full log of deaths it took to get rid of it. Then after getting rid of it not even a min later an alpha wolf spawned in and killed all animals many people are quiting saying it's not fun to consistently fight off the wolf/lion spawns and all the alphas. I would much rather be out looking for treasure maps etc but you have to have a base set up in order to build boats and you can't build if overspawns are happening.