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    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Yeah, and now we'll have 5 to 10 times the structures made out of wood instead of stone. They just made a bad thing worse.
  2. Gornemant

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Oh great, so now stone structures will be limited to islands controlled by large companies with sap sources and everybody else can go F themselves, genius! Also way to give a massive advantage to those who already have their massive stone/gates structures.
  3. Gornemant

    Accordian song macro creation tool!

    This might be helpful: http://www.simplifyingtheory.com/how-to-read-sheet-music/ Haven't had time to look into autohotkey, never used it before, but I'll add something later one once I get the hang of it. Don't expect much, haven't played an instrument in over 25 years. X'D
  4. Gornemant


    That's because dying has no impact on the player at all, suicide becomes a valid tactic.
  5. Gornemant


    phone icon at the top left corner, next to the facebook one.
  6. Gornemant

    Accordian song macro creation tool!

    Sorry if I'm getting it wrong, are you using something else than the link in the first post for this? (I'm getting a phishing/fraud warning from my provider on that link) Very interested in the octaves switching because I can't play drunken sailor without that. x)
  7. Asking a Chinese owned company to lock the Chinese out, like that is ever going to happen.
  8. Gornemant

    What is the point of base building?

    I find freeport island utterly boring and pretty useless beyond early levels, maybe they could sell land on the islands and ask for upkeep in gold + tax on mined resources, fail to pay up and the land is up for sale again. You will still need to get out there to get some gold to buy the land and pay taxes but at least it would be safe. That and buy the houses already in freeport.
  9. Gornemant

    Server E14 EU PvP

  10. Gornemant

    Server E14 EU PvP

    Up At least acknowledging the issue would be a start really.
  11. Gornemant

    Server E14 EU PvP

    Confirming absolutely horrible server performance, constant high ping which rarely goes under 150 if ever, past recent updates only made it worse. Ping display is often stuck at 255 which seems to be the display limit (indicating a much higher value). It has become near unplayable, even with low player count on the server. Neighboring server seem to have no problem what so ever. Please fix, it's getting pretty ridiculous.