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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll get that fixed!
  2. Hey sailors! I have spent some time developing a web app to help players deal with information that I think we would all like to see on the in-game map. https://atlasgame.info/map The map component is now in a place where players may find value, as well as provide feedback. I'm hoping to evolve this over the coming weeks (eg. shareable maps, player map drawings, persistence across groups/sharing ). Additionally, I plan to add tools to help calculate material gathering needs (such as checklists for building big boats), as well as some wiki-style information crowd-sourcing for things like resource locations. Also, you will probably notice the lack of territory control layers. Since that's basically the only info the official atlas map offers, I will be skipping that that over for now, unless I feel like is a large demand for it. Please don't hesitate to comment or PM with feedback/complaints/bugs, or contact me through the social media I have linked within the app. Thanks for your time, and I hope you find it useful!
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