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  1. awesome ty alacard i will have to find the console then because yes i am using a hosting site
  2. also where is this server console to see the spawned entities?
  3. for this is it ok to leave the x, y, and z co-ordinates exactly how they are? or do they need to be modified and if not can you confirm that these creatures have spawned some where you can interact with them with those co-ordinats as in have actualy seen them while out on a boat not via consol comand. also going to add in here if the final line should look like this im not sure if i need the " " in the line or not i know that most other lines have whatever you add in " " "OceanEpicSpawnEntriesOverrideValues": (NPCSpawnEntries=((NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/GentleWhale/GentleWhale_Character_BP.GentleWhale_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000)),(NPCsToSpawn=(Blueprint GeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/GentleWhale/GentleWhale_SeaMonster_ Character_BP.GentleWhale_SeaMonster_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-700.00000 0)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000)) , (NPCsToSpawn=(BlueprintGeneratedClass'/Game/Atlas/Creatures/Squid/Squid_Character_BP.Squid_Character_BP_C'),NPCsSpawnOffsets=((X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=0.000000)),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1.000000))),NPCSpawnLimits=,MaxDesiredNumEnemiesMultiplier=15.000000)
  4. Mrwartooth

    Custom Levels for Ship and Tames for Unofficial servers

    ic ic well ty for clearing that up for me i guess i will sit and wait for a mod to maybe fix it
  5. Mrwartooth

    Custom Levels for Ship and Tames for Unofficial servers

    hey i have a couple questions about this. first what part of the code is just for tames i click on the tame one but theirs player overrides and engram overrides in it and im trying to avoid messing with player levels i just want to do tames. second question is if this has been tested on higher difficulty levels with higher tames i ask this because ive been trying for a few weeks to level up my level 100+ pre tames 160 ish post tame but i can seem to figure it out they just never gain exp
  6. Mrwartooth

    tame max levels mod?

    im just going to drop this here so maybe the bug gets planted and somebody makes a mod for it. i find it unfortunate that you can up the difficulty which allows you to tame higher lvl animals upwards of 100+ but you cant level up tamed monsters of that level due to some sort of unseen level cap. if anyone can get this corrected that would be amazing
  7. hey so im just really confused about an issue a lot of private servers are having so i figured id post this here and maybe it'll get addressed or fixed or like usual ignored. the issue is that when pumping up difficulty i can tame level 100 creatures but they come out over 120 or 130 or whatever the magic cap is and they gain no exp. i would think this is an easy fix because of the leveling formula mind u i got it from the wiki so idk how accurate it is but i would still like to see a fix to this if possible. (Currently Max Wild found is level 30. So 120 is the current max level at perfect tame. (30 Wild + 15 Bonus Taming Proficiency)+(45 Post Tame)+30 Minimum Levels = 120.)
  8. well i have my difficulty set to one and the offset set to four and i can tame animals at up to 116 as i tamed a 116 horse and bear but once tamed they cannot yet be leveled up. they just flat out dont gain xp and i havent found out if this is fixed yet or not
  9. i havent played in a while i even have my own 2x2 server thats just been sitting empty as me and my friends are all waiting for the ability to level up our level 150+ tames. so as the title says has this been fixed yet? i took a look and i can only find old posts about it so any help would be apreciated
  10. just a heads up use the search function i went ahead and got you a link to an ongoing post about this already
  11. Mrwartooth

    remove level cap for tames

    i dont know what it is but private servers have an issue where high level tames dont get xp. im thinking its some sort of level cap placed somewere we cant see and this definetly needs to be fixed. sick of being terrified of level 600+ alphas when i cant tame anything over level 70 because it wont gain levels
  12. so im going to reply to this myself i fixed the issue after testing multiple things i figure it was because i set the level cap from 150 to 300 i dont know why this mad an issue but it did once i turned it back from 300 to 150 the game seemed to work fine i still cannot level up high level tames but me my boat and low tames are getting xp now. on this note though does anyone know how to increase the level cap without bugging out the game?
  13. as far as im aware you cannot change the resource spawns on the islands you would need to replace the islands via the map editor
  14. yeah the power stones are on specific islands and then you need to add in the ghost ship route as well. the islands you need to add in the map editor end in _PVE. CTRL + Left Click on the BLUE node to configure it as a Ghost Ship. Enter the following values: Path Name: GhostShip AutoSpawnEveryUTCInterval: 21600 AutoSpawnShipClass: Blueprint'/Game/Atlas/ShipPaths/PathFollowingGhostShip_BP.PathFollowingGhostShip_BP' Auto Spawn At First Node: CHECKED this is for the ghost ship
  15. hey anyone reading this so i was messing with level stuff and what not trying to fix high level tames not getting levels and i think i broke player levels i logged in and got a bunch of levels and new engram points but i couldnt get xp anymore i was at level 50 went to 70. and my lvl cap is at 300 so i took out all the text in the game.ini that states xp per level and engrams and such because i know that its not needed i had an old game.ini file so i reloaded it and my level went back to 50 and my engram points went back to normal but i still cant get anymore xp. not sure if this will fix it but i was thinking of deleting the game.ini hopeing it would re-write itself but idk if thatll mess up the server more or not?