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  1. For me it was now like 4.3 GB not 30 gb.
  2. Thanks, found where it is shown.
  3. Guys, is it possible to respec my current skill points so i can rearrange my knowledge?
  4. Does it cost to make a server on your own hardware?
  5. Whenever you go on a 3rd person ship you stuck, its from latest patch as a security er something.
  6. Will there be any server reset or something in upcomming time?
  7. Guys, I have a problem on pulling up my raft's anchor. It's stuck on buttom. I can like give comman pull up or lower, but nothing happens. Is this is a issue or something that I am not aware of? Region H12
  8. guys, is it ok? - I try to pulls up my anchor on my raft, but in reality it stays down. nothing like happens, i can pull up and raise it, but it sits on bottom. Is this normal or a bug>?
  9. I went up the North to closes island. I play on PVE EU server. So at the coast, every bit is covered with shipyards etc. i was able just to anchor myself a bit with my small raft to get some fresh meat and try to survive in wilderness.. yeah. @NOOBIEDOOZ yeah, I will try to contact You, if I wont have luck. Currently I am on solo playing.
  10. I just started to play and all I see is claimed lands everywhere. Where to find any? Other alternative is to contest a land claim as I understand?
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