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  1. AtlasRyan

    Server wipe

    Too much stuff to implement still and fix for a server whipe. I’m all for server whipes when used in the right manner. Now is not the time yet.
  2. AtlasRyan

    Sail Blueprint Stats?

    dumb question...where does one aquire sail blue prints? Treasure maps? Flotsam? SOTD?
  3. Alright because i was bored at work, and this might be easier to understand what i am mostly complaining about. Here is an illustration of how 1 asshole can troll nearly an entire island with a claim. Note: in this illustration there needs to be some kind of water on the dead claim for this to work, but there are ways to do this even with land claims depending on where its placed in the existing claim, but this is by far the most damaging with a single claim. In Picture 2 which would be a "water claim" so its double the size the "Asshole" steals every building piece of all of the other companies(foundations, ceilings, walls, chests, shipyards, smithes, etc.) which it overlaps. Literally all 4 companies could lose their stuff from this. And now that the "assholes" own all those buildings and what not, the other companies cant even build anything new because it will be too close to an enemy foundation. Those companies did nothing wrong except be irl sleeping when this patch came out at 2 in the morning. I made a post for the devs to fix this stuff before releasing this patch....didn't care. Like UDO said, companies are forced to scoop up every little bit of land they can around their base not from greed but to protect themselves. Not only do I myself need to make sure I pay my upkeep every 48 hours. I have to worry about my neighbors as well.
  4. Edit: sorry i didnt see your comment about "no overlaps" that is strange.
  5. UDO you and I seem to have a lot of the same problems with this patch. Some asshole company on our island plopped a claim flag down right In the middle of the island within 20 minutes of the patch, was a sea claim and was huge. It would of removed literally parts of 3-4 different companies bases. Luckily I was online and went and sat in the circle. When jat eventually posted in your previous thread about npc’s I moved a couple npcs to the edge of my claim and built boxes around them. If I hadn’t been online I think there would of been about 12 less people playing this game. The overlap rules in this game are ridiculous.
  6. This still hasn’t been fixed yet. Any timeline as to when. You were hoping for today but v17 just came out and it wasn’t in it.
  7. AtlasRyan

    Enough, farewell, goodbye

    Anyone else notice he devs have been making a lot more ninja changes not documented in the patchnotes? Like they went from 3 days to 2 day upkeep on things. I also noticed a lot of ninja changes in regards to overweighting ships in the past couple weeks. I overloaded a sloop of mine by accident and it wasn’t even losing health. also people invest in npc’s they are now your best friend. They contest anyone trying to claim your land/stuff. My suggestion if possible is to have little posts on your land where they can stay and Hang our. Load em up with some food and some gold they will stay alive for at least a week.
  8. AtlasRyan

    Treasure Maps

    Yeah I used to spend a lot of time trying anything to get to maps. I quickly scrap them now if it’s a pain. I shy away from maps that look like they are in middle of islands and stick to the ones that look like they are on the shore.
  9. With good wind. With cancerous wind it can take 2 hours to go like 3-4 zones
  10. I like them system, don’t like how few of ways there are to get points. Add more things like killing whales getting 50 points and less of the land on island shit. My company literally builds gliders by the dozen and glides in kill ourselves and respawn on boat to get these points on the move. It’s dumb we are not discovering anything.
  11. AtlasRyan

    Aly flag right on green line

    I can’t place flags that overlap allies claims...probably another screwy sometimes it works “feature”, but yeah I’ve been complaining about the overlapping for quite some time. No one addresses it.
  12. AtlasRyan

    Note to Devs before next pve claims patch

    yeah that's exactly what I'm talking about. Ive seen it happen numerous times to people. intentional and not intentional.
  13. AtlasRyan

    Note to Devs before next pve claims patch

    yep. this is what I was worried about
  14. I’m ok with the changes I just think. Killing inactive players off after x amount of time, and fixing the daisy chaining could have been a much better system and would of regulated itself. Solo players could only protect 1 claim basically for longer than 3 days. Larger companies could protect more. Solo players could go on vacation and not worry about losing everything, but at the same time new players could find land.