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  1. Elevators on ships? Is it a thing?
  2. 1.With all the islands that you plan on adding, will there be a wipe? 1a. If you do wipe can you leave characters alone? 1b. Why/why not? 2. Pre "mega" wipe hat skin? 3. Any new ships coming? 4. New animals? Ya'll are doing a great job. Love the game. XoXXoooo
  3. With all the new islands being added, will there be a wipe of existing islands?
  4. What does this achievement unlock? I've looked around and cant find anything on it. Got it after getting an 18.8 quality shipwreck.
  5. "We’re going to be running 2 uniquely configured PvP networks, to allow players to choose the game mode which best represents your playstyle." I think that your heart is in the right place by doing this. It definitely sounds interesting, however, didn't you guys drop 2 PvP servers due to lack of population already? I just dont think that this game has a large enough community to support 4 different (2NA and 2 EU) PvP servers. Cant wait to see what happens. *Also, in the future, announcing a wipe a month in advance is a bad idea. Give like a week notice (when you are sure that it is ready) otherwise people just go and find new games to play.
  6. PvP: "Structures that are built on a Settlement which do not belong to the Settlement Owner will have a decay timer." Lawless: "Damage decay added over time on all structures" PvE: "A new auto-repair structure which players willneed to upkeep to prevent structures from being destroyed by decay." Can we get this structure on PvP too?
  7. Just an after thought... how many players can be on one grid at a time? If a company of 250 declares war on a company with 250 player, could the defending settlement just fill the grid with max players to prevent a war time event? Essentially stopping the attack by overpopulating the grid?
  8. Just read over the captain's log and seen the dev video. Few concerns from a solo player: 1. Why do a character wipe? Is there something about the characters that will interfere with the rest of the update? 2. Solo players and smaller companies want to use the submarine too and defeating the kraken is unrealistic for us. 3. Solo players will never own an island, but we would still like to be able to defend our bases. I realize that can be accomplished to a degree with the puckle gun, but I think maybe just limiting non settlement owners from placing mortars and large cannons would be better. 4. Limiting alliance size to 4 companies I think is fine however capping the number of alliances your allowed to be in to 2 is bad. I want to ally w/ anyone I'm shareing an island with. I think instead of capping the number of alliances you can be in at 5 would be better. 5. My only other concern would be a settlement owner deciding to evict me because I built in his way... are they going to have to raid to get rid of things or just walk up and "E" to demolish? I am truly looking forward to this wipe, I appreciate the thought and effort all y'all put into the development of this game. I like that you're going to take a firmer stance on the cheaters. The single claim flag is brilliant and I really like the upkeep system. Looking forward to exploring the trenches (even if it is in a diving suit). Keep up the great work.
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