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  1. Having an issue with leveling crew. Health does not seem to go up for me but all other stats for crew will. I have relogged and it does not change issue. Other people in company do not have issue. NA pve C9 have crew seated on ship cannons , ballistas, and sails, all on galleon.
  2. So far we have lost two high level tames when zoning with them aboard our ships, a wolf and then a bear. It never shows up in history that the animal has died, ever. They just, poof, gone, vanish. I have tried to hold down the the H key going back and forth through area we zoned to see if for some reason they fell of our out of the ship to no avail. Days go by and still never a message that they have died. So, where are they? I am afraid to go long distances now cause my tames have a chance of poofing out of existence. Has anyone else had this problem, i have read other posts about peoples tames shifting into and out of existence kicking them off of it and what not. Is this maybe related?
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