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  1. Use the key to flip the placement orientation ('Q' key). I came across same issue few days ago and this helped me finish mine.
  2. just been to f8 on eu pve and its not there anymore
  3. Finally fixed this by killing myself. Had to punch air until I killed myself with stamina depletion. Then respawned at another server bed and came back to first area. Was able to interact with stuff again after doing this. Hopefully if anyone suffers same issue this will fix it for them. Update: seems that 10 mins later its bugged again doing exact same thing. Game pretty much unplayable at moment.
  4. Logged in after the update 18.75 and cant interact with anything. Animals, doors, ladders, punching wild animals yields no hits, etc. When I relog it just puts me back to spot I originally logged back in on. The wild animals are still moving around and im taking cold damage but no amount of relogs are making me able to interact with anything. Ive verified game files again so that's not the problem. Any suggestions or fixes would be appreciated.
  5. Had this happen quite a few times last week or so. Suggested by someone in another forum post to get them set to follow you onto a ship and sail into another server zone seems to fix. Worked for me when I got desperate and needed to use them. A pain I know but a temp fix for now.
  6. Also had this start last night with my elephant randomly. Come to login and now have 2 bears doing the same. Any confirmed fixes yet? I know DERUOO said transitioning servers fixes it but am yet to confirm. Will post when I have myself. Update: Can confirm changing servers works but problem tends to reappear again pretty quick. Hopefully devs fix soon.
  7. A couple of times now I come back to play after an update and I'm completely missing the skybox in game. Tried verifying game files, resetting settings to default but nothing fixes it. It eventually fixes itself after a day or so with what I assume is another update. http://prntscr.com/mcf09y Anyone else come across this issue, knows what causes it or knows a fix that doesn't involve waiting for update to maybe sort it out. The occasions this has happened I have issue playing for long due to it giving me headaches due to the massive contrast differences. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Can confirm this work around allows you to login. Many thanks raysen.
  9. Same issue as everyone else. Can't get back into server on EU PVE.
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