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  1. Another day, another piece of equipment turned into an unusable blueprint. For reference, here's what happened: Logged in at our base, with my character wearing cloth armour and carrying tools & weapons. Stashed armour and weapons in a large wooden box. Fast travelled to another region to check on things there for about 30 mins. Fast travelled back to main base and went to my box - the cloth shirt is now an uninteractable blueprint in the box. Previous time (yesterday): Logged in at our base, with my character wearing cloth armour and carrying tools & weapons. The cloth hat I was wearing had become an uninteractable blueprint that I couldn't remove. Fast travelling to another bed got rid of it. A crewmate put their high quality crafting gear in their box for safekeeping while we went out on our ship in another region (no fast travel). About 3 hours later their plate chest was an uninteractable blueprint. Before that (day before yesterday): Got some high quality blueprints from treasure hunting, including a >200% bow! Placed the bow blueprint and a gun blueprint on a smithy. Later in the day, the bow blueprint had vanished. (we are 100% certain that it is not possible a player moved it). And so forth, going back weeks. Most days one of us loses something and we're only a company of 5 players on official EU PvE.
  2. EU PvE. When the change came in that removed sleeping players, a single player who was up early that morning took quite a few claims from other companies on the island where our base is (they had 3 and took a further 28 from others). As we know, very shortly after that another patch landed that enabled the 20+ days PvE protection. It seems that the same day that they took all of these claims and dismantled other players' bases, they stopped playing and our company has been watching the claim flags PvE expiration slowly count down towards 00:00:00:00 remaining, which should have been today. Should. As you can see from the screenshot, the CLAIM FLAG has gone past 00:00:00:00 and started counting negative. In this screenshot, the claim flag is showing approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds after it reached zero and continued to count negative. Trying to place my own claim flag shows instead that there is just over 5 days of "PvE Claim Flag Upkeep" remaining. It seems that the enemy claim flag is wrong, but I don't know that I trust either right now. For reference, it's not possible that there is another enemy claim in the area that has 5 days on it - this is a single claim flag that is on the edge of our territory. Please can we get some consistency?
  3. Stormknight

    PvE claim timers not giving correct times (screenshot)

    From research elsewhere and talking to other players on discord, it seems that the issue is the reduction in timer due to number of land claims. The company in question have 31 land claims according to the flag, which reduces their PvE protection - it seems that this reduction has been correctly applied to the timer on their claim flag. It also seems that the reduction is NOT being applied when I am trying to place my own claim flag, hence showing that there are still 5 days remaining.
  4. I've been seeing this with increasing regularity. It's reached the point now where I have stopped making higher quality equipment from blueprints, as I know it's only a matter of time until it randomly turns itself into an unusable grey blueprint and I lose the equipment I crafted.
  5. Stormknight

    Kraken Cosmetic Bug

    Confirming that all 4 players in our company also have this exact issue (EU PvE).
  6. Stormknight

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    Hi there, Freaky Mutants reporting in - happy to take a decent firepower Brig to join in. I've joined the discord, will chat to you on there!
  7. Putting a black border (stroke) around the X would probably be enough.
  8. I manually applied some magenta paint to an elephant, downloaded the paint file and updated it (using arkpainteditor application) to complete the paint work. When applying the paint file in game, my game disconnects back to main menu about 20% of the way through. nelly_Elephant_Character_BP_C.pnt
  9. Stormknight

    Old AF Debuff

    So, let me get this straight ..... I create my character and start playing the game. Character is 20 years old. Cool! Character ages up to 90 in under 4 weeks of real time. Devs: "Go complete end game content on a golden age island to set your character back to 20 years old!" Me: "I've not even visited a golden age island yet - I've only been playing this game for 4 weeks!" Also devs: "Have an age debuff that makes the game tougher while we're at it!" I understand game design encouraging you to go complete content, but why do I feel like I am being punished for not playing the game enough to be completing endgame inside 4 weeks?