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  1. actually Velius what he said makes perfect sense
  2. we use ours for taking the team up power stone islands without a Fire elemental roasting our entire armored team
  3. Just from HM7 post I can pretty much see why they decided they didnt want him there, Just my 2 cents
  4. or you can QUIT the game, then be mad when u come back.... oh wait u tried that one
  5. Ok in ark you got mortal and pestle, Then when your wiser and an engineer expert u teach yourself the power of an alchemy bench, Why is there no advanced Pestle in Atlas? my 20 mortars dont all fit on my table. I figure we would have an upgraded version by now.....
  6. private server set on every same setting as live except XP, 2 hatchets on server, 1 yellow print 1 blue. server size 122 players
  7. cant interact with my tame cause he blinks every 3 seconds, tried logging off and on, walkin him on and off a boat.....
  8. The Resource Exchange NPC in Freeports, do they all exchange the same items because the one i came to only has 5 of the 7 known woods, and i needed 6, can i check a second npc or do i need to go on a hunt
  9. I got about 500 hrs into game now on NA PVP server. When i first started i saw the trailer for the "melee fighting system" with the dodging / couter attacks / shield stuns and was excited. then after about 13 hrs into the game it seems Melee is a completely usless stat for PvE contant such as clearing mobs or anything as everyone just uses a high powered rifle or bow. So i started a new server (private unofficial) and swore to not use any Ranged personal weapon. (cannons and such not counted) its just that with no directly ability to heal after an encounter, and hp stats and armor so weak before getting mythos gear and none of the melee abilities (counter attack, Shield stun, armor break) counting on wild creatures, it seems as if it maybe was just a "well we tried but lets not remove it since we put it in already". Just curious if anyone one else goes pure melee and enjoys the Hardcore Mode of Atlas like i do? If so anyone got a youtube video of a good Melee Player? PvP or Pve i can watch to get my fix?
  10. So i use folders to keep spare sets together and if you right click you can EQUIP all and it will switch all ur gear for you. Problem is the gear you have on doesnt go back into the folder to replace those items. It goes all the way to the bottom of the inventory and i have to take EACH piece and drag back to the folder for further use later. I found LocalItemSortType=0 in the gamer user files but im pretty sure thats what decides alphabetical, weight, spoil time and not REVERSE ordered
  11. because if thats how it worked EVERYONE would have there ships in freeports so they dont get overcrowded. did you not think before posting this ?
  12. The Vitamin system is one of the most annoying best things they put in this game, finally a "get rewarded for keeping balanced". If your over doseing, the system isnt the problem you are. its damn near impossible if your watching the bars. and if your not lookin for the balance buff. They can get right down near invisible before they even start to debuff you
  13. Ok so i got some land on the Equator, where im stuck wearing cloth for most my daily adventures due to sudden heat waves. My question is other then going in the water is there a better way for cooling down. With Cloth being the best for hyperthermic isolation and having 10 pt in fortitude (which fort is a waste, i just thought id try it. fort needs more pts per level up) I still end up unable to combat heat. Even when going inside and having the houseing buff which seems no where near as strong as in ark i can end up losing health to over heating. and if it serves me correct sometimes i can move to shade of some trees and its cooler in the area? is this a thing or are just different parts of the island susceptible to more heat then others? long story short whats the best ways to stay cool on a hot atlas night (or day)
  14. reason no one post about medkits is because its only useful for healing others, if your off playing solo it has absolutley no help to you and is just wasted points
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