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    Breeding Razortooth

    That is absolutely phenom! I love how it calcs points when you're done, thanks so much! Been looking for something like dododex for a while now! Just give us a way to export for a library and this is the bomb
  2. You have that backwards.. combat period is only 9 hours and peace is 15 hours. So you only have 9 hours of the day where your ships can be sunk when anchored on your island.
  3. EleLL

    Not too early to tell anymore

    I actually enjoy the new claim system. I think the upkeep costs are a bit much for smaller companies, but we still manage with a decent sized island. On a pvp server, we run our timer so it's during our online time, and when most of our company is there, then it's peace time the rest of the time. It works out well, and we were a bit strategic in our decision of where we would be. We have outposts in our allies islands, and on lawless as well, as do most others, so we can get the stuff we need, have the breeding we want, etc. If anything, this game already outdoes Ark in terms of actual content of things for me to get online and say "hey, what am I gonna do in Atlas today?", I have lots of options, and for an EA game, that is pretty cool. Most EA games have a huge dip after the initial check in, and the server performance did not help, but I will hand it to the crew, they really worked hard and were completely dedicated to getting it fixed ASAP for the players. Sure, some had no patience for it, but I've been in too many EA's and tests to get stressed over a release like that, and in fact, expected it. We're talking 5 months from initial release and they've worked incredibly hard at the game. Have they made decisions I don't like? Oh yeah, like torpedoes, but I'm already planning on working around it, until they fix them. This is EA, and those who aren't here, don't really have a right to toss their two cookies in as far as I'm concerned. Play it, get frustrated, report it, or don't play. It's simple. The company is not going to listen to those who don't speak up, only to those who do, and that means listening to those who actually play the game.
  4. EleLL

    Crashed when loading in

    Fatal error for both myself and the SO. Neither can log in after the latest patch now.
  5. EleLL

    Feedback SoTD's

    Last night, coming from A10 down to B12, I counted 38 ships on the western edge in B11 alone. At one point, I looked around and counted, we had 16 ships surrounding us. We've also had a ton of fun farming them... shoot them when they come in close, pull them in to shore, pickaxe or scythe them to death.
  6. This game is unforgiving to the solo player, and unfortunately there is no choice for Single Player mode. Fortunately, we started out as a few of us together, and that helped tremendously. Getting into a company can be really tough as well, and you'll most likely bounce a few times until you find the right one. I would recommend however, maybe something like the Dark RP server, I hear it's excellent with tons of players and you could probably find a nice home there. At least to get the experience of the game. Or, if you're determined to stay off unofficial, go ahead and start in one of the Equatorial ports and head out to the closest lawless region. Start setting up a small base there. It'll be tough, you'll probably spend a whole day checking out the island, talk to the locals, find out if there's a spot for you. Get a little section of your own and start working with the other groups that are there. If you like one of them, join them (merge, don't lose your stuffs), and go from there. It can be tough and intimidating, but you can't really solo this game. And this saves you time, and even if you die in one lawless, head to the next one that is near that freeport. Repeat until you find your own little spot. And last little tip: do NOT spend your time making huge ships and releasing them until you have a protected harbor. Stick with schooners, as they will get sunk but are super easy to replace, even in solo mode!
  7. EleLL

    Fountain Of Youth Needs to GO

    I don't have an issue with the aging mechanic other than the fact that 1 month is 100 years old?!? Seriously, I'm only lvl 44, there's so much to do during that month and then you just die. I think a character should last like 3-4 months, or 6 months and every time you die in pvp or to monsters, etc., then you get a notch of life expectancy taken from you. Which also requires a major overhaul of balancing (like lions!) and then quest out to do the FoY. The FoY itself is a nasty piece of business when you're debuffed that hard, so perhaps more like a treasure map that you have to find first, then you follow that to get to the FoY. And hey, let's not forget that right now, I did FoY yesterday, went to do a treasure map quest, and bam, I was rolled back and lost my buff. It just blows and done so horribly and now today no one can move servers or fast travel, so I can't do FoY today again. People have reported doing it multiple times to have their buffs rolled back and age rolled back. For no apparent reason.
  8. EleLL


    You might want to check your reading comprehension and go re-read that post and check the gyazo link. And you prove the point of giving us a bad rap. Because apparently you don't have much comprehension in reading, so this game is obviously way above your tiny fragile female head. OMG I'm female, I need halp! You need to actually learn how to play and quit thinking your way is the only way to play. I'm not saying mine is the only way, but I can say I play a helluva lot smarter than you. FYI since reading is obviously not your strong point here, I have 15 more hours than him, which means I have 358 hours gametime. I def know how to play. How 'bout you?
  9. EleLL


    Dude, it's effing gyazo, kinda like imgur, but gyazo. Click it or don't, I don't really care. I have more hours than you, end of story. So take your "prof" and put it where the sun don't shine for all I care. I provided, you questioned it, whatevs.
  10. EleLL


    But sometimes it's really fun to watch them assplode
  11. EleLL


    Oh, I lied, it's 15 hours. Here ya go forum troll, why I keep feeding you is beyond me: https://gyazo.com/abdf65f82bd32e0e842f584b029cb87f
  12. EleLL


    @AngryTango: No, you'd rather complain how it's boring. You'd rather do it solo then do anything at all. Go live in the polar expanses where there is nothing, then yes, it's boring. At least we're playing and building contacts and doing what we can. You call it welfare, I call it having a small company that knows it's limitations. To you Lawless is worthless, your property is worthless, you're bored, but whatever we're doing is welfare... Mkay, well I get to play and not be bored and do what I enjoy doing. And just an fyi, we earned our little spot and it has a very nice low tax rate due to that. So unless someone plays as you do, they are on welfare or bored. See, you went to polar because you can't defend yourself. You went to polar because it was the only land available to claim. You went to polar because in reality you want everything handed over to you and when it's hard work, then it's boring. You can call it welfare if that helps justify it in your brain, we call it self-preservation and allows us to focus on what we want to do: play the game. @ScorpionShawn see Jean Lafitte's comment, it's apropos. And I have 14 hours more than you.
  13. EleLL


    Dude, you are worse than she is with your craptastic constant posts bitching and griping. I didn't have to beg. Simply had to put a halt to our trade to rebuild and they offered. Then again you'd know that if you actually spent time playing instead of whining all the time.
  14. EleLL


    First off, who cares if you're a female? Seriously, you give us female gamers a bad rap with the "I'm a female and I'm bored" crap. Secondly, this game is not a solo adventure. We have a small company, but you know what we did? We started trade runs, got our ships blown out of the water, lived on Lawless for a good long while as we established our trade runs. Made contacts. When it got bad, they offered a hand out to us. So yes, we pay taxes, but we are protected and can do our thing now. And we have our own slice of land in a non polar zone. But I worked very hard at getting us to that point and the crew had a blast wiping the group off the island that needed to go. There are a ton of options out there for you if you want to take them, but just logging in and saying "I'm bored" means you really haven't explored your options or found others to make life a bit easier to help you. Lawless gets a bad rap, but you can truly establish yourself if you are smart and willing to reach out.