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    No Large Cannons on Deck

    My problem is there was just a wipe most players didn't want. This change should of been part of that patch. Once again they take away people's hard work that had just recouped themselves from the wipe and give them nothing in return for having to destroy their canons or ship levels they would of used differently. Get your plan together actually ask the community and start balancing pve and pvp seperatly if you want new players to come in and pay for your official servers.
  2. Everyone that is pro claim flag seems to keep forgetting how broken they are. The over lapping I believe is too hard for them to code is why they proposed 1 per island. This needs to be fixed before the are re implemented
  3. Yomaz

    People left the game ?

    So there is another game that has a resource box that also is a building blocker. It has a radius you can see and takes resources to prevent decay to your buildings in that area and stops others from building. IT is basically a flag it works well and in the pve version of that game walls are not really used because they are not needed and it looks pretty clean because of that. However in this game we would have to have hard limits or people would surely troll each other with them. I would have a nice smaller base in atlas if I could keep my pets safe with out having to do experiment doing crazy things every time a slightly broken system allows them to die from multiple issues. Give us safer ways to protect our tames, give us the basic materials on every island so our home on 1 island on a server keeps us there instead of having a base for thatch on one a base for metal on another and so on. the system set up for more rare craftables is great and gets us to go explore so that want slow down. There are several other things that can be done to limit why people build as much as they do in this game and some kind of building blocker/ resource drain box I think can help. With the wipe I really hope we don't get more flags in this game if we do it should still be made specific with pve in mind instead of copy paste pvp. The 12 hour window of destroying building on your island in pve is a troll mechanic and would not encourage building at all and for the owner of the island it would be a part time job to troll their island to prevent trolls. Let a lone not even bringing up the Chinese and U.S. rivalry that this would surly make worse.
  4. Yomaz

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    At least for pve servers id really like us to be able to keep our fountain of youth buff. It is set up to enhance characters that have played the game for awhile and to at least carry that over seems that it would be listening to the community.
  5. Yomaz

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    I personally don't think that land claiming and taxing other players on pve is what the community wants or needs. We all just want to be able to build and use resources with out pillars/ foundations being needed/used to ensure so. People that want land that doesn't get any are going to complain all over again and the ones that get it are going to pay for there up keep with other peoples gathering. Give us x number of resource boxes with a radius per server and as long as its full we have no decay each person[company] can distribute them on all one island for a large base or multiple on different islands on the server for small bases.
  6. Yomaz

    officialpvp Lawless after wipe?

    If its a repair box that blocks other building in it and repairs your stuff then pillars want be needed islands will just be filled with these boxes{basically a flag} They have a hard balance that im not sure any game has found a formula to yet.
  7. Yomaz

    PVE Claim After Wipe

    Isn't dark and light done by the people that did ark and abandon it after wipes balance changes promises and tears?
  8. If they are listening wiping our characters on pve is absurd. I got the fountain of youth buff twice why not let us keep those. I know people that didn't play have said why should you get an advantage. Well its pve there is no advantage except respecting our time for an un need lag fest that we all wanted to be implemented differently before we did it once. Getting discovery points to extend our max level also feels silly if this was for a little ice cream on the cake it'd be one thing but this is for over 50 levels. Everyone knows people play mmo's for dings of xp and that ding of a new level we get 100 plus of those lets actually be able to access those before the wipe after this one. I do like they let us know about the wipe this far in advance it lets us take a break and come back fresh instead of "all yo sh*t gone" here you go start re bug testing for us now. Though if they would of said at least for pve that our characters transferred we could of had things to still work towards and been ok with it to some degree. This is an mmo the amount of time you put in it should reflect on your character simple enough.
  9. Yomaz

    Server wipe

    Will they wipe again that is something I want clarified before I even think of restarting all over again.
  10. Yomaz

    Server wipe

    Well I can understand map changes and having to wipe items however in p.v.e why wipe our characters? If they have to id love for us to keep our trips to the fountain of youth or/and some discovery points it would make the wipe so much easier to stomach. if we got to keep discoveries and levels so many pve players would be playing more than ever just working on those things for the wipe.
  11. For pvp they should not allow all land to be claimed day 1 with new war mechanic like 1 island a day. Or it will be the same as day 1 last time whoever can log in the moment servers go live gg all others good luck gonna take time to not get raided and do maps for gold to war for a chance to own an island. I personally think the need a list of game mechanics that are really hard to balance and get our thoughts on them alot of us have thought about this for hundreds of hours
  12. Yomaz

    New Features and Wipe

    Im not for a character wipe without some more changes. They are changing and making things more difficult but I don't see where they are giving us more to work with. First off balancing pvp and pve seperatly is a good direction. Though pve seems empty. Allow armor in pve to mean something give us quicker reloads and damage versus pve. Make ghost ships take wind in effect if we have to take out an army of them and give us a loot collector on our ship instead of having to stop. Give us some incentives and game play mechanics pls. I'm down for a hard and difficult game if I'm given ways to beat it and have fun. I did not see to much mention of new ways to have fun in the game. After a lot of us spent hundreds of hours playing and to take that away you need one serious carrot to hang in front of us. Sorry a Submarine and more content for huge groups is not going to cut it. On pve leveling is mostly done on a mount doing maps. If this is going to be a harvest simulator give us xp for it and this sh*t about discovery points given us access to over 50 character levels is lame let us get to close to cap say 100 and 20 levels be that so much time is spent doing things that does not help our levels this is not fun and good for character development. Last thing if you want this to work and a descent number of people come back your better promise that there will not be another wipe after beta this is it. To be honest a wipe was not needed for these changes to take place if you would have added island and ways for us to move bps and resources that took possibly hundreds of hours to acquire and let us keep our levels a few people that are not mmo fans and would not of stuck around for years to come would not be leaving the game. I truly hope that you allow players 10 days to not play to lose everthing they worked for its an mmo we should be able to set it down and come back where we left off at least to some degree if we could store boats in free ports with a ticket we got that doesn't disappear on death that would be awesome. Also on pve dropping loot on death isn't needed if you want that then at least don't let our bodies be lootable for a grace period.
  13. Yomaz

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    5 claim flags per person per server even sounds fine until you think of a 250 man company then alliance. They have a hard job to balance this though this is going to be hard to pull off. Tiered resources should be a thing and have a build distance like foundations this however this wouldn't stop walling off resources. I know a lot of people hate the floor spam and I do to but it has been useful in some situations there are a lot of us who have tried to keep small part of beaches and resources clear so all can use. If that is not addressed this is gonna be a big issue if anyone still plays
  14. Pve should have set grids people can take or a few flags per player per server. Larger companies flags become bigger or/and gain buffs while in claim that would help them still want to be in companies. Also give us more e in pve pretty much maps on a bear and wild animals are it for solo to small groups. Also lions grabbing you on or off a mount needs to be wiped.
  15. Yomaz

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    As soon as they made us do the fountain of youth I thought only sadists would wipe. Lol all I'll say