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  1. These issues and so much more are just part of a atlas community that does not have a dev team that cares and does not have active admins. Sadly I found the answer how to have fun and how to avoid most of these issues. Not because the game mechanics are differn't but because if you find a good private server they actually have communities that give a crap and are not greedy and want to see other players have fun plus with daily resets and mods that make the game fun again instead of feeling like a dumpster fire of a part time job. Leave official server til they give a crap sorry its that way.
  2. I played on NA pve since launch. I would love a response but the truth to it is the wanted to save money. For people that say on the offical servers to have pve and pvp you are crazy. If you did not know how pvp servers exploited freeports then i understand why you think it might be a good idea. How ever they did exploit freeports as a safe zone. So if you think they will know ruin your pve experience and you wish you were back on the laggy ars EU server you would be wrong mate. I think its time to start looking for a nice private server or another game all together. One last point any one that says that this game is early access as an excuse for the state of the game and the new dev team coming in and going their own way instead of listening what the community wants is not paying attention. I got this game on steam launch i knew it was early access to me that was something that lasted a few months maybe a year. Not that the game would be basically abandoned and a new team that seemingly only works on the game part time was going to come in with a new vision instead of playing the game and seeing what a smaller niche community of gamers wanted the direction of the game they had been supporting for years to go. So devs go back see what the community wants. We want a low ping game that when we cross server lines we don't lag and crash and lose our ships. Take care of that before you charge us an arm and a leg for the same ship we had been making for years. What team would raise the gold price and not give us a carrot of a new ship release at the same time .
  3. Not only can you not craft arrows/crossbow bolts it took the premade ones off the server for everyone. Anchors take twice as long to raise or lower doesn't seem to be much of a bug but worth mentioning. I tried to place a warehouse in between 2 pre patched warehouses and still could not. The coal/oil for farm houses as fuel is not self maintaining so leaving farm houses unlocked is pointless now random players not gonna bring there on fuel for chance of resources there when they come back.
  4. The ware house is a good idea but to be honest on pve it could be the size of a ship resource box and collect from any farm house on that island and it would be perfect. I think minimal that if you own a farm house you should be able to place a ware house they look cool but the are too big and want to much flat space and want to be way to close to water. If nothing else give the ware house a pick up of the 2k and a distance of 500m from each other and i dont think that giving a benefit of multiples ware houses is good. I don't think the devs play and if so not on pve but at the start after the wipe "season" we had a strong community but to many bugs and issues with connecting and dc and other known bugs have not been addressed. What player base that is left is very crammed together every person or company on at least pve deserves a farm and a warehouse . I think the best system for us would be a ship resource looking container that gathers all resources of that island for us takes up low space and less lag. No cool art work but the people that made the farm and ware house was not aware it seems of how it actually places cause it is janky and wants way to much natural flat space 1 of each of them is the size of lot of pve bases. Good luck all and please dont stop coding.
  5. First off I am glad we are getting some kind of new content. I have to say that I believe the new team were like hey if we gonna wipe more lets call it seasons its easier for people to stomach. With that said we will see what they actually decide to do when its not just for advertisement of forced wipes from developers that had abandoned the game. There are alot of server connection problems and a lot of crashes that need to be addressed in game where you will most likely loss your ship or all you have on you if that happens. Breeding for some is draw to the game but if you give us farm houses and warehouse breeding should be addressed as well. Many would like to do this but investing 8 hours per breed is a lot. This brings up the server downs for patches or updates. In this game the last two updates were given in game notices of 10 mins. That is not enough time. We need 12 hours notice if that was given on the log in screen that would be perfect. I personally always get on atlas twitter before if lift my anchor. That helps but your population doesn't know that they need to do that since most of the population has only had crashed servers as down time since the last wipe I mean "cough cough" "season". I would also like an official atlas how to deal with bug page. I know we got introduced to the new team but the old one when active actually admitted to what bugs were active and gave quick patch fix or the work around. There are various game breaking bugs with multiple fixes if you spend much time researching but why not have one place where the new team let us know what to do to be able to play until they have the time to fix it. Last thing I really would like to know what your vision for the pve player base is. The only response has been very vague and the only reason i can see not responding and taking a way the N.A. pve server was to save money. I hope you do not get rid of pve all together. PvP in the current state is unacceptable for me but I do enjoy the pve and if you do continue pve next "season" then if you only have 1 server for N.A. and E.U I think it would be great for each grid to have in its name where the server is located and have some grids from the U>S and some from E.U with the server location in its name so we can know what kinda ping we gonna deal with. The other issue is farm houses on a fresh wipe pve server gonna make the population after 1st week not be able to place 1 for them selves. Along with the way pve is all bunched together all islands should be lawless its pointless for a few people to own an island the only purpose for it at this point is for them to get free gold from people's maps and to decided who can live there on a lot laggy server. If you do keep islnads ownable by companies on pve then be able for the owner to turn on if people can build there . If you keep pve which i hope you do please try to balance it as a pve server not just something that gets all the pvp patches. Id love to see the new team playing the game some of the best mmo's i have ever played had random incounter's with g.m. in game while they took control of monsters or created live events or anything that allows us to feel like this game is in development and not sitting in the G>M's basement with the title early access collecting dust on it .
  6. In the last 2 weeks I have had a constant crashes and battle eye kick for reason of server not responding I log back in to not be able to access inventory or interact. The only way to do anything is to kill myself which then crashes the game then restart my cpu because battle eye will every time try to reinstall it self if i don't do a full restart every time i close the game before i try to restart atlas. Then I have to pick a server I don't normally play on or i will get the primal game data bp bug where it will never load after all this i have to play safe ready to kill myself for about ten minutes to see if i get kicked again for the server not responding and if so repeat all this for a chance to play the next time. I have done everything i have seen on the forums to fix this i have verified my game files through steam close to 20 times i have clean installed the game. All the research I have done I have not seen an official Atlas response in well over a year. I have had this problem in multi grids and have played for hours in one grid to log back in to the same grid and have the problem so it is not grid related. This is game breaking and we need this to be priority. Give us some fix. A lot players have actually started new characters to try and fix this. I just don't understand why more players are not complaining about this until it gets fixed i ask players in game if they have been having same issues and I have never once heard some one say no. Pls Pls complain let our voices be heard. We need a working game we can log into. Thanks
  7. I cant believe there is not an easy fix to this. It is frustrating and would be a cool feature to risk your boat to go diving if you had a gurante that the chest wouldn't be bugged.
  8. Yomaz


    Cyclones are now damaging me on land in my base. They damaged three of my green anchored ships. Not sure if this has been reported but this was fixed once i thought.
  9. Yomaz

    New World Map!

    I like your idea and agree with you except for this game is still in early access they still have not giving us a finished product so no way do they need to charge us more money when they can't give us a finished(ish) game that they want wipe again. GIve us that before trying to squeeze us to pay for 1 of 4 official servers monthly fees.
  10. I really hope you just take out some grids in current map. Im sure this sounds like a fix for some issues but I assure you that it will create new ones and take away a feeling of actually sailing the world instead of just some random map some game designers throw at us haphazardly. As a pve player since launch I wish you would just say if your not getting enough traffic on your pve servers to make it worth it because that would be the only reason I could see why you are taking a new direction. I feel basically you want to limit the money your spending on the official servers and run us to community servers. Most of us that choose official have multiple reasons but id say the biggest for me is the thought that if I log in every 7ish days(tame timer diffen't than structure timer) I would have a persistent game world to come back to. Give us some stability a lot of things in this game require possibly hundreds of hours to do which is fine if you believe it will still be there tomorrow. Last note seriously take out some grids in a square around middle and put new age ruins through out the middle of the entire grid all will be happier.
  11. Yomaz

    New World Map!

    I've played since launch. I started with friends on pvp server and they couldn't take the game. I switched and went solo on pve. I have played a lot steam says 1,0071 hours at this moment. I have dealt with all the problems this game has to offer along with all of you. I really enjoy the persistant open world sand box game. There is not much else out there like it. Ark/Conan I believe are about it and I couldn't get into either. This game could be a great pve game but now you want to gut it. I hope you change your minds. Cause to be honest I don't see you keeping or bringing in much more of a pvp crowd now that sea of thieves is on steam. You could have a great game here listen to what people want cause I think if you cut out 2 servers from running its da money your running out and your trying to figure out how to cut cost. Not toimprove the map to improve our game play.
  12. My problem is there was just a wipe most players didn't want. This change should of been part of that patch. Once again they take away people's hard work that had just recouped themselves from the wipe and give them nothing in return for having to destroy their canons or ship levels they would of used differently. Get your plan together actually ask the community and start balancing pve and pvp seperatly if you want new players to come in and pay for your official servers.
  13. Everyone that is pro claim flag seems to keep forgetting how broken they are. The over lapping I believe is too hard for them to code is why they proposed 1 per island. This needs to be fixed before the are re implemented
  14. So there is another game that has a resource box that also is a building blocker. It has a radius you can see and takes resources to prevent decay to your buildings in that area and stops others from building. IT is basically a flag it works well and in the pve version of that game walls are not really used because they are not needed and it looks pretty clean because of that. However in this game we would have to have hard limits or people would surely troll each other with them. I would have a nice smaller base in atlas if I could keep my pets safe with out having to do experiment doing crazy things every time a slightly broken system allows them to die from multiple issues. Give us safer ways to protect our tames, give us the basic materials on every island so our home on 1 island on a server keeps us there instead of having a base for thatch on one a base for metal on another and so on. the system set up for more rare craftables is great and gets us to go explore so that want slow down. There are several other things that can be done to limit why people build as much as they do in this game and some kind of building blocker/ resource drain box I think can help. With the wipe I really hope we don't get more flags in this game if we do it should still be made specific with pve in mind instead of copy paste pvp. The 12 hour window of destroying building on your island in pve is a troll mechanic and would not encourage building at all and for the owner of the island it would be a part time job to troll their island to prevent trolls. Let a lone not even bringing up the Chinese and U.S. rivalry that this would surly make worse.
  15. At least for pve servers id really like us to be able to keep our fountain of youth buff. It is set up to enhance characters that have played the game for awhile and to at least carry that over seems that it would be listening to the community.
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