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  1. Yea, sometimes (ofc not) i pray to god, sacrifice a animal, drink their blood and then ladders are working. How 'bout you guys just do proper coding/Game design ?
  2. Biggest lie since these forums were created. You are not honorable in games and far less in other terms. Bring "democracy" to other countries in general means, you plunder them and leave a mess. Just one example...
  3. This legit complain 'bout the red in red cross shows one thing - if u cant even think thru the small things (as a Dev), what to expect from the "bigger fish to fry"...
  4. Its not a matter of how good can someone see...*smile*
  5. Yea, Server crashing constantly is for sure no fun. Btw, game failing 100% for me too - for various reasons... For example: Someone was able to build on my land, even i never allowed it. Now i cant build on my own land, cuz of enemy faoundation to close...Support does not respond for over a week. Ingame it says i can demolish, but have a guess... Yup, its not working.
  6. I guess, some people will come up with the "its EA" excuse. Game will improve over time *smile*
  7. "Fartival" will tell you soon, that u need to change ur ISP (cause he will doubt that ur story is true and the fault is on ur end), or/and give you the advice to play unofficial.
  8. Yea, sure, there is almost always a annoying work around. Or Devs could simply turn on that dry, little thing in their head and stop fking us with such shit *smile*. I prefer the second option.
  9. No one controls Sotd for BP we own since day three and trash loot we dont need (10 gold)...waste of cannon balls, waste of time. Logic isnt everyone's thing.
  10. So, where is my promised "journey of your lifetime" ? *smile* I wouldnt rate the game as bad as it is on steam, but at max 60%. Nothing rly new here, nothing innovative, a lot of not well thought mechanics, a lot of loveless mechanics, a lot of extreme EA stuff that could have been avoided, if they didnt rushed it out so early, a lot of cheating, griefing, exploiting, cuz people already knew to do so, cuz of Ark (and devs learned so much from the past? *smile*), also a lot things that dont make any sense at all. I liked when they told me in the patch notes, that patch X improved my performance by 8% and in reality i never felt a difference since day 1. Lawless still lag af when 30 people are around (and the huge number of buildings) - 30...mmo...?...!. My FPS are the same since day one and sometimes i think, that little of balancing they did in 7 weeks could have done by one guy just tweaking a few variables. They dont communicate with us here in these forums, beside of Jat and its also not that very often (yesterday he might be drunk and in a good mood *smile*), but he is a salesman and i dont trust those very much, when they tell, or promise things they will have a look at, or for future plans. *waves* They lied to me. Its not a journey of my lifetime. Its more like "looking a lifetime for a journey". I think, i am gonna wait for PixAtlas to throw more money at them - ofc not *hrrr* Now let the flamewar begin, i am out *smile*
  11. I know. But he comes in a thread, laughs at everyone and thinks he can tell who is allowed to post and who is not. PvE'er just might want to show OP an option and this moron thinks he acts adult...(i repeat) - he is a dumbfuck.
  12. No offense, but in my case...how the fuck were this guys able to build a foundation and a bed on my claimed land. Hm. *smile* My guess, another shitty programming. https://imgur.com/a/YT8mD3o Edit: screenshot coming in a sec.
  13. I think the Pro's here need more infos to help ya. Specs/System and stuff.
  14. You are right. In every aspect. What me bothers is, that these Devs didnt think all this thru, before they puked out the game. And people think, cuz of EA, its just a matter of balance. Its not. Some mechanics (not talking bout cannons) in this game need to be removed or completely redesigned. And i guess, they dont remove things, or redesign, cuz they would admit, that they did shitty decisions/development.
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