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  1. how about the ability to claim abandoned boats, instead of having them just go poof after 20 days or whatever... at the very least the boats could sink so we could loot them
  2. game is unplayable and there is still no fix to this issue that lasts more than 5 minutes...
  3. Lots of people asking for thatch animal dont seem to understand thats one of the bears strong suits. If you have ground thatch around then you can farm 100k+ in an hour. Also, crows negate fall damage, most you take is 5hp fall damage with one on your shoulder. This should not change, as they are very useful when building high up or getting off mountains quickly. Seems as though some people underestimate or fail to fully utilize their tames.
  4. Penguin should help with breeding more, help prevent babies from getting too cold or too hot, seeing as we have no way to cool things down easily. Rabbits should do.... something... other than breed fast. Maybe increase jump height slightly. Would help if pigs could be used to dig in the ground similar to a shovel, because I need more worms to tame my crows. On that note, digging should be applicable to the 2x events.... Crows should be able to attack on command, you can command them to attack currently, but they dont actually attack. Unless I am doing something wrong.
  5. The friendly neighborhood animal dealer. Everyone in my sector knows his name and I think most of the companies here own at least one of his tames. I just bought an elephant for a great price and look forward to future business for multiple other types of animals. While here he also arranged a monkey and parrot sale with some of my neighbors; I have no idea how he can keep up with demand but my elephant arrived as fast as the winds could carry it. After giving him a day to tame it of course, but as soon as I had procured the payment, it was there at my dock. 10/10, will buy from again!
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