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    ATLAS Roadmap

    you still didn't finish the last "Mega Content Update" that was suposed to be release on May but got slowly part by part released during summer, and still not all of what you said that will come did come. So why talking about another Mega Content Update when you still didn't finish last one?
  2. FoxtheGinger

    Musical Instruments

    Hey GSG, I am playing around accordion since launch because I love that you can actualy create your own music in game, but response time of changing octaves is pain, could it be as responsive as tones are? like change octave rightaway (or around 0.2seconds) after clicking button, because I'm sorry but it really matters in music. I would love to play "free play" with hand but because response time of changing octaves is around 2-3 second I can only do that by writing down code for AHK so songs are being played by them self and in those codes it's clear that you need to change octave from one to four tones ahead depending on how fast song is. Also could "key binding" for instruments be implented in settings so one can change it?