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  1. In the announcement it says it won't collect those from farmhouses because the farmhouses use wood and thatch for fuel. Honestly its a pointless building and would have been better to put limits on farmhouse numbers while increasing their radius and capacity instead.
  2. Yes the notes specifically say the warehouse won't remove those fuel sources from farmhouses.
  3. From what I'm seeing the SotD are broken anyway and possibly won't attack you or anyone else at all.
  4. Not ingame, you skipped this part of Jerryns message: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/
  5. Let's keep things less hostile moving forward please. No need to even start insulting others even if you disagree with their viewpoint.
  6. Hey look! I see me!
  7. Firstly, I assume you are playing on one of the official servers? A) You leave freeport. At the NPC town there is a pier, at the end of the pier is a ship vendor, if you bring him the materials he can make you a raft or ramshackle sloop so you can sail out of freeport. The zones you can not build in are freeports and golden age ruins grids. B) There are four freeports. The freeport will always have 4 identical islands at the North, East, South and West positions (rotated but identical). Golden age ruins (the other zones you can not build in) are the 8 grids surrounding the centre grid (Centre Maw, where the Kraken is summoned). C) Rent does not exist in Atlas unless someone chooses to charge it, but there is no mechanic to enforce this. What they possibly incorrectly referred to I imagine is Island Taxes. On PvE the owner of an island you gather resources on will get 20% on top of what you gather, so you lose nothing (you harvest 10 wood, they get 2, you get 10). On PvP the tax is removed from what you gather up to a max of 30% set by the island owner (you harvest 10 wood, they get 3, you get 7). Safety on atlas depends entirely on what server you play on and other variables. D) Someone places their flag on an unclaimed island and after their flag fully raises (1 hour?) they own that island. You can contest this process by being inside their flags radius. They have to keep gold in the flag to pay 12 hourly upkeep. The flag can also pay and feed NPC crew on the island with some settings for this available to the island owner. If there is not enough gold in the flag when the upkeep needs paying then the claim will be lost. On PvP enemy companies can attempt to steal your claim during combat time (9 hours each day, set by the island owner). To contest you place your flag inside the island owners flag radius and remove all of their players and NPCs from inside their flag radius, then their flag will declaim before yours starts to claim.
  8. 2 hours worth of fertiliser will keep your farms stocked up for a long time though. Also was he using a group of tamed pigs? Forcing them to poop? as that seems the most efficient way with the current mechanics. Every aspect of farming in Atlas is relatively easy, the only time you really run into issues is on islands with no freshwater and infrequent rain.
  9. I wasn't developing an argumentation, I just used a reaction and answered your questions
  10. Your assessment of the situation I find inconsistent with the facts.
  11. I agree that the survival aspects atm are not right. But I personally love the survival genre and do not wish the survival elements to be removed entirely, but rather adjusted and balanced to make it more worthwhile.
  12. Yup, and they also fit well with the words I used such as indefinite and 'leaving the option open'. We will all have to wait and see, but as I said in my comment my point was simply that I wouldn't personally wait for something that could be many months or more away.
  13. The wording they used is 'for the time being' which I read as an indefinite period. I think they are leaving the option open but for now moving forward there is the one global PvE server (well... from July 3rd 8pm PDT, not right now). I would not hold off playing personally if the reason was to wait for a seperate NA or EU PvE server.
  14. Lol. I had mentioned the official servers in the previous line and thought the context would carry over. My apologies if I caused confusion or alarm. I do not know what impact if anyt there will be upon private servers.
  15. You're fine lol. There will still be a PvE server. No forced PvP
  16. Let's not go around necroposting. In this case we all know the claim system has changed dramatically since launch so the topic didn't need resurrecting. Thank you.
  17. EU PvE and the other 2 official servers will all wipe on Friday, July 3rd, at 8 pm PDT. Yes a wipe means a complete restart of everything for everyone. Seasons are never usually used in official announcements because it makes people think they will be regular, but there will not be regular wipes. The new CM team just chose to use the term seasons because the community use the word. You can always look to the official news posts to get accurate information.
  18. Baby giant crabs would be adorable. But no you can't breed them sorry.
  19. The new map was revealed on the 16th and the new CMs and lead dev were introduced on the 19th. Today is the 28th so it has almost been 2 weeks. Activity on the forums is great though!
  20. Give the new team a chance to settle in and become familiar with their roles and be set up with and oriented with the tools at their disposal and hopefully also try find out the information the players want to know so they can then be informed to communicate with the community. It hasnt been long considering what they have been handed the reigns of really.
  21. I think having a new lead dev will mean a new direction (at least internally) and the route they achieve those goals will have to change to suit. Fingers crossed the new team get to stick it out for the long haul and we get to see the realisation of their plans.
  22. There is no way to link your Xbox and Steam atlas data or transfer atlas data between them that I am aware of or seen shared sorry.
  23. I personally think the layout of the grid is a core component and something they need to get balanced well before too much content is added. Fingers crossed they have an internal roadmap (safe to assume the old one is gone) they are building on so that changes such as the new map are compatible with future content.
  24. Hello, firstly yes NA PvE is not available for the time being. It hasn't been explicitly confirmed yet but it seems reasonable to conclude it will be used as the test server before the new map and accompanying wipe (of the full official network NA/EU PvP/PvE). Here are the most recent announcements regarding the coming changes:
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