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    The Neutral Zone

    we don't use the neutral side of the flags but we do allow people to build on our land. it much better to have people ask if they can build and then add their company ID to an area you deem fit on your land. if they require more space they can then ask and you work out what is needed. this way you have control and ensure that no one trolls your base as no one would have permissions to build near it. our island isn't the biggest but we have 4 smaller companies with allotments on our island.
  2. snoogibear

    Accordian song macro creation tool!

    all AHK does is run a macro like some peripherals do just better. it is ok on official as it isn't a hack as its not trying to do anything the game doesn't want you too.
  3. snoogibear

    AI Crew Capabilities

    he said steer the ship not man the mast. you can actually have them on the wheel of the ship. as for how you do this I believe when they are on the wheel you set their behavior and you can have them steer in the direction you are looking.
  4. please please please tell me you named your next ship " For Salt and Glory "
  5. snoogibear

    Fix the broken alpha overspawns

    just like walking out your base to a alpha snake, run away from it right into an alpha wolf. no where to run as every other direction there is 50 other mobs that will slow me down. oh look im dead.