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  1. Ebrech

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    Yes but I've never met anyone afraid of Manta. Although it's the same thing with Sharks, they aren't that dangerous either.
  2. Ebrech

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    This info is partially wrong. Fleas were the reason why bubonic plague spread out. Rats get a bad rep as a carrier of fleas but many other animals had them. Although they only singled out the rats. Because people are afraid of them. Thanks for perpetuating the trope that mice and rats are disgusting, disease ridden and gross rodents. The many generation bred domesticated rats and mouse now make exceptionally smart and lovable pets.
  3. Ebrech

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    For those of us who have been out of the loop, when exactly do we want to log in before the wipe to get the special veteran tester hat and what not.
  4. Ebrech

    They lowered the build limit on ships!

    We need an overall ship HP too,(what's the HP for the ship for anyway ? Is it just when it's sinking? I have yet to see it go down) it's hard to see where the damage on the ship is. Maybe have an option to merge all build on the boat and freeze it the way it does it when you launch the boat for the first time. I get that it's more realistic to repair each plank but there is got to be a better way. I love the tattered look on the sails btw, but they become tattered with 1 shot.
  5. Ebrech

    Treasure map marker invisible when mounted

    You also can't discover new land if you are mounted, or receive music buffs.
  6. Ebrech

    Crew sweeping ocean floor.

    For me it stays that way until I un-anchor the boat and anchor them back.
  7. Ebrech

    Invisible __________ ?

    Ouch, looks like the infamous invisible island bug. My husband keeps seeing land where I don't see any and vice versa. It's freaky. We go by the map on the atlas map site now and sail through mountains. It's really weird cause it looks like SoTD are hitting the fake island too.
  8. Ebrech

    Inventory glitching (Turning on and off)

    So this is still happening, unfortunately. Half my crewmen are blinking on and off. Still no fix other than sailing or waiting for server restart.
  9. I'm not sure what is causing this or how to fix it. Not even sure what to call it. It used to happen to my friend character as well. As you can see riding is a pain, and you get kicked out of the inventory as well. Video can be found here. https://streamable.com/yvcaw Region NA-PVE (M5) Other players can see it glitch as well. Update: I fixed it by crossing server line and coming back.