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  1. Cargo racks cause a big hit to sailing speed. Up to 40% speed debuff at max, even if they are empty. They need to be changed otherwise worthless. Imagine having cargo racks and sailing in the late evening with 2mph wind lol. Not to mention, who wants to sail with a 40% debuff on the PvP servers???
  2. Yes, if you use the merge option, no if you don't select merge.
  3. Wow, this is going to be completely pointless on ships. No one will use them. The speed nerfs need to be taken away. And did I read that right? The containers on land can only hold 2000kg? My bear's weight capacity is 4000, why would I even bother with the cargo rack? Great ideas, badly implemented... Hoping they change both the land containers and ship containers, otherwise, no one is going to use them.
  4. Poking around the site, very helpful. Any way you could add a map with a coordinate search?
  5. If they wanted to incentivize making companies smaller, they should charge gold upkeep for players that scales with the company size. 1-5 : No upkeep 6-10: 10g/player 11-15: (10g/player)*1.2 15-20: (10g/player)*1.5 etc... Numbers are pulled from my ass for illustration.
  6. I assume you mean cheating as exploiting game mechanics to give an unfair advantage. Character wipe and wipe all duped/exploited items. If you are referring to cheating as hacking, permanent ban. You should clarify because cheating generally means hacking, not exploiting. This thread sucks dick.
  7. I honestly like the sailing in this game. I do a lot of trade runs. BUT. The afternoon wind slowdown is brutal.I don't mind alternating winds, but when that hits, boom, 30 minutes or more to cross a tile. And it lasts for an entire zone. They need to look at this and make it not quite so slow. I can swim faster than the ship... It is absolutely mind numbing. What they should do is make jet streams across the map, like how it is in real life. I don't think it needs to be overcomplicated with tons of vortexes, but generally, the wind should go the same direction with different jet streams depending on the hemisphere, poles, etc. Then the weather effects can temporarily change the wind direction, like it does now. @Jatheish, make it so. :)
  8. Planking ships defended only by NPCs IS the very definition of PvE. It's better with the raid windows, much better. But they can still improve the system.
  9. Has it been confirmed that it was just the durability that affected the levels? Last I saw, mythical gave 10 levels, no matter the durability.
  10. You should add a poll. Maybe then it will get traction. From what I saw, 3x the range of large cannons, meaning, no counter for defenses in harbors. Dumb dumb dumb.
  11. We're looking for a few settlers for our island. If you are interested, PM me. We have a grid alliance as well and are on good terms with about everyone in nearby zones.
  12. In the screenshot, it shows 0 gold charged every 3600 minutes. Did they ninja change the ridiculous gold upkeep cost of 1400 gold/day???
  13. There's nothing in piracy that boosts treasure maps.
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