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  1. Barrett

    SOTD Fleet

    yeah, on my battle brig i carry 6 planks and 6 gunports just in case lol
  2. Barrett

    SOTD Fleet

    Just killed a lvl 56 galleon of the damned, lost 1 plank but otherwise not too hard, all regular materials used on a brig. loot quality was horrible though, 1 materwork bp and 1 legendary, 0 mythics
  3. Barrett

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    you realize that its only large cannons they said cant be placed on deck, nothing stopping you from front loading medium cannons
  4. Barrett

    patch does not couble DP

    so at 271 DP with lots of island discoveries, 4 powerstones and both whale, so did not double current DP, in fact i lost a max level cap
  5. Barrett

    patch does not couble DP

    relogging fixes it, visual glitch
  6. Barrett

    Imprinting - All or nothing?

    tropical? keep getting its the wrong biome to breed in there
  7. Barrett

    Imprinting - All or nothing?

    what biome did you breed the razortooth in?