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  1. So now all the griefers that just kill all new ppl on sloops and wipe out small tribes for no reason day after day will see what it feels like to loose your hard work, I love this wipe! I wonder how many of the ppl leaving because of the wipe are ones who talked shit to ppl that complained about griefers say its pvp...dont like it then leave. Guess what, it's a EA game that changes week after week, dont like it? Then leave lmfao karkarma is so kind
  2. Now EVERYONE will get to see what's it's like to loose all ur hard work in one single moment.....love it lol!
  3. Battlemetrics has been around for a while and so has 123 names...this was done long ago for this exact reason so yea...if ur worried about being tracked then it's well known in the ark/atlas world u goda run 123(well pretty much any online steam game that has pvp)
  4. Is this why they already had a big sale on steam? They see the numbers dropping and need to get new people in possibly?
  5. Do this and ull prolly get banned Can u sink boats in PVE? Withought exploiting and getting banned?
  6. hey, we are trying to set up a FB page revolving around dedicated servers if ud like to join and help us grow. Feel free to come advertise your servers! We are looking to help the community in finding a place that meets thier needs with the ability to have fun! https://www.facebook.com/groups/381340169091869/
  7. We are trying to set up a 3x3 grid and are running into trouble with finding the map. Messaged support and they said that the servers might be giving problems because I don't have anything in the servergrid.serveronly.json folder... Anyone know what I'm supposed to do here? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  8. https://discord.gg/SgPJ2wX We have a x3 boost server that's a 3x3 grid if ur interested in checking us out bud. Swing by discord to get rules and server info
  9. @Jatheish this needs to change immediately @Jatheish this needs to change immediately
  10. Lol, iv probably eatin in this game less than 5% of my time spent on it...I never carry food or water I just run around naked with pick and axe then die when hungry or thirsty.....wich is quit often. This is alot easier
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