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  1. Can you reduce the volume of the shieldhorn's scream when it defecates?
  2. We have a hole in our wall and are unable to build. Does anyone have an idea on what to do?
  3. I was able to remove some chests because my foundations were under it. But there were some inconvenient locations that have his foundations and chests on it. Neither can be destroyed and some walls can't be rebuilt because it's too close to his structure. We can't add a tunnel for a hostile mob to enter and direct to the unwanted boxes because again, too close to the "enemy" structure.
  4. Sorry, I should have posted that we're on the PvE server. I'll update. p.s. Fire doesnt work
  5. We're on the PvE Server. We removed a player but after trying to access random chests he created and placed, we cannot access them with out his pin. Furthermore, the countdown to access the chests or remove foundations are going to take 3 to15 days to decay and not enabling the rest of us to build anywhere near our base. Is there a way to speed this up?
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