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  1. after trying the foy content i have decided that i don't wish to support developers who can implement such a brainless mechanic in their game. this after having to do the foy with 160+ ping in a grid with 20 people where anything one shots you and if you somehow succeed to get anywhere near you get rubber banded back to die over and over again. the game has other issues as well but this was the last drop for me. uninstalled the game. good luck to the ones who decide to continue their journey.
  2. Just want to say that this list is not accurate. For example, our island is in tundra and has cotton and basalt and iron. I am sure that it is in tundra, because there are no penguins to be polar and none of the islands listed in the list for tundra has basalt without penguins. In addition, our tropical island doesnt have any coconuts which as per the list should be on all islands.
  3. organic paste is at least not heavy and u can transport a lot of it. what about the islands which have no pure metal nodes???
  4. Iseree

    unable to tame

    oh this was the issue then. i got my taming reset cos i couldn't feed. i did manage at the end and it was only a low level tame but this is broken ... i ended up using a shield to feed but it is still a challenge to find the right angle which would allow you to feed or not.
  5. after all the suggestions given, they went for this "fix" which causes more inconvenience to the innocent than to the ones with malicious intent. ships are still getting sunk daily. anchored ships should be immune on pve at least.
  6. it happens daily. fast travel to a bed located on the 2nd floor of a building, end up being stuck between the floors. going too close to a ship, get stuck between the decks. Tames regularly get bugged into structures. Why is it so hard to fix the textures?
  7. you can merge "your" company into theirs to keep the assets. a fix is still needed
  8. have you actually seen a ghost ship cos they do look like ships. i guess what you are talking about are the sotd: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/agy4zk/infinite_ghost_ships_is_this_as_intended_this/
  9. dont understand the 2nd question either. claiming system should exist but should somehow prevent 1 person claiming 10x islands.
  10. something killed you. if you die while offline, you spawn in the middle of the ocean
  11. Had the same issue, try to fast travel to another grid before dc if possible and then fast travel back to the original one. Try running the game as administrator as well.
  12. just please keep the rain cos most islands have no other fresh water source. you still cant fill up jars/skins from the ground on pve. living myself in tropics. besides having to drink water from time to time and cool myself down in the ocean, i havent really been bothered by the weather. in fact, it is kinda nice to have its effects.
  13. It is very annoying. Same for raw fish. Easy fix is to replace the raw meat/fish with the cooked version of it in the recipe. Also for the recipes that use water, 1 tea uses 100 water. most of the islands rely on rain for fresh water and filling up 100 waterskins from barrels/reservoirs is just killing the fun. Many recipes also stack to 5, why? At this point it makes no sense to cook except for a few buff foods when you need them. Eat simple ingredients all day, when your vitamins are off, just kill yourself to re-balance them. Tltr. Suggested changes: - replace raw meat/fish with cooked meat/fish in the cooking recipes - reduce the water needed to cook 1 recipe to 20 instead of 1 full jar/waterskin - make all foods to stack to 30
  14. Hard for people to fix something with so little details. Maybe you forgot to disable wandering or you put them on aggressive/neutral and they went for a walk. If they are not killed, they should be there unless they are either bugged in some structure or walking around. Try whistling them and see if they will show up.
  15. it is not exactly the same on official. it doesn't craft the entire queue but at least 2 crafts per second.
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