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  1. easiest way is use large signs to trap it , make a half moon first , shoot it with arrows and bait it into it. once you bola and give it the first feed , use the other signs to close it in. approach it from the back/side to feed. helps to have at least one bed next to where your taming
  2. Just use large signs , place 3-4 down and agro into it, then once it's bola'd and you start taking you drop the last ones
  3. done all the apparent fixes , it sometimes works but next time you launch the game you have to go through the whole process again
  4. just need the battle eye issues fixed next
  5. since the last patch ive been having the same issue but also getting battle eye - client not responding issues as well to go with it
  6. Want to trade metal for wood, contact me. Based in J11
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