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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem, I've set up a dedicated server which is hosted through OVH, followed tutorials and managed to set everything up fine. I can find the server in the server browser on my computer, but none of my friends can? My understanding is I don't need to "port forward" so to speak when it's being hosted on a dedicated server, but more so allow it through the firewall - which i've done, I've allowed the program, and set up new rules for port 57555, 5755 & 27000 which is all the ports I've left as default through the map editor/.bat launch file. I dont have my steam ID attached to the server in any way, so I'm wondering if there's a reason why I would be able to find the server fine, but no one else can?
  2. Make sure you remove the 2 URLs in the edit window of the ServerGridEditor.
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