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  1. EU PVE - B11 Glasstone Island (will give CCC later tho it seems it could be anywhere in the world) cheat TP B11 -135380 -338381 780 Occurs typically over pillared areas, though also falls out over full floors. It happens whether pillars are every 3 or 6 squares apart. Today was a good day, only 4 tiles lost. Yesterday about 50. I think it has to do with server scanning and it registers one pillar or set of pillars, but not the others nearby. _____________ It seems better now. Not so many lost tiles, however any time that I build and/or remove tiles completely unrelated, well established ceiling tiles and ramps fall out.
  2. The plus side to that is the vast majority of people won't read the patch notes. They won't know it's additive. They'll just see the tax rate and assume it comes out of what they gather. They'll still gravitate towards the lower tax rate islands to farm on.
  3. Which is a real shame if they do. I know far too many players who want to come back but won't play on EU for the ping. They're waiting for that before they come back. Not sure. As of yesterday, it hadn't even been 24 hours since the first builds and the first claims. The only way to know for sure is for someone to lose their claim today and see if anything built first hour, first day is demolishable. I'd like to believe it's not.
  4. Yeah, it's not. Lawless is a tiny radius where people do fence in tames and builds. Happened to my buds yesterday It needs to be bigger to reduce the pillar spam stressing the servers as well as to make it require a LOT more materials if someone's gonna be a griefer and place gate after gate around someone else's reasonable build. But of course, they went the opposite to make it easier to grief and stress servers. Not even sure there is a need for lawless servers any more. Certainly not 4 per freeport. Also don't need polar, tundra on the N & S poles is fine, give us 2 more lines of equatorial regions instead. More islands open up to be claimed that way and with free build anywhere (with 24 hours owner destroy privilege) the total newb coming in 6 months later can still build their first little shipyard and make a real sloop or schooner. My island is reasonable to anyone wanting to build there, we've only removed 3 builds so far. 1 because it was on top of metal nodes and bear thatch and another because the dude promised it was temporary and didn't pull it down himself and the last because it was a box around the contesting flag and I think the guy split when he lost anyway. As for pillar spam on my island, I'm doing that for now, but I have plans to build across the whole area I spammed off. Gonna have a huge dock with public parking to enhance our trade business. Also, it's only in the spots we claimed for ourselves as specified in the flag notice. Anyone ignoring what we said (don't build on resources and this 1/4 of the tiny island is ours) gets removed. Hasn't been an issue yet.
  5. I'm one of the lucky "few" who got an island. Today's changes are great for those who didn't get one, so I'm confused why that's what chased you away? 20% tax & it being additive is a huge change from 50% but 50% was ridiculous. Ours is at 15% and many I saw were 10%. On top of that, it's not going to be really difficult to contest a claim in a week or so. Many will leave for the NAPVE (if it actually comes) and even if that doesn't happen, many will just be gone due to normal attrition and they won't have the gold in the flag for upkeep. If you truly play as long as you say you do (dang man, i play too much at 700ish hours) then you can play the long game just fine and start contesting on property you love while saving up tons of gold in the meantime.
  6. Pre-1.5 they certainly were. I don't know yet on PTR, tested other things. I would guess they didn't change that, but who knows.
  7. 0%, not even .0001% Wipe tomorrow, good possibility, 50%. Open to play, none.
  8. I'm willing to bet it is a bug and disappeared in the patch from several hours ago, not stolen by another company. Unless you see it owned by someone else, of course, but it's far, far more likely it disappeared thanks to a patch. Also... i second this...
  9. FOUND elephant lvl 49 named Queenie from Crazy Gamers Location NAPVE A11 south of Bloomslis
  10. I've found many groups and solos doing this. It doesn't even make any sense to me to block off land with gates like that. It's not like people can't get over them. I understand you wanting to do this on the bear, though. However, there is an option for your treasure. Use grenades and guns. It's still fun and definitely works. Had to do this the other night because there was absolutely no way to get the bears up shear cliff faces where the stupid treasure was.
  11. Anything that doesn't kill could be on passive flee. Everything else on Neutral in the pen. When you have them on follow while gathering, either neutral or attack my target. We have many lions in our area, I stick to attack my target outside since there's a good chance i'll get ripped off my mount. The mount comes to the rescue.
  12. The rock here looks very odd. I am also hearing trickling water. Was this area intended to be a river or waterfall with pond? Looks and sounds the same after restarting game. Second image shows location.
  13. a raft , died day 1. Made it through cyclones & past SOTDs to the edge of our lawless outpost, and friend wrecks it on someone's shipyard >.< brig, lost in 30 mins after attacking & killing 2 ghost ships. Captain (not me) didn't forsee the need for repairs and spare parts pre-made. schooner, died to a sandbar, same raft wrecking friend thought it was no big deal to continue going over said sandbar Theme here is NONE are my fault Sadly I was there to witness them. No one listened to the one who wants to be cautious. On the other hand, as captain I have broadsided a SOTD in the fog and gone directly through 8 or 9 cyclones and been hit by many SOTD cannonballs thus far and come out mainly unscathed. Unbelieveably zero damage on the broadsiding. Been lucky I guess.
  14. I'm with you on claimed lands/taxes on PVE official. It's not a good system. I can understand taxing a little, but with some claim flags being bugged, and with some people logged out in their claim sleeping for days on end, there needs to be a better solution to contest and take their claim. Honestly, I think the whole area (besides freeports) ought to be lawless. If you log out for a number of days, then it doesn't really matter if your stuff can get demolished. You're either not coming back at all, or it'll be months and the land masses just aren't big enough to allow new people to play if they can't be demolished. However, with what I quoted... I'd much rather have this freedom of choice - or for you, no reason to do anything - than a game on rails like all other MMOs. I have complete freedom to do whatever I want to do. I can trade with friends and with strangers. I can buy their stuff with gold or they can buy mine with gold or some other barter worked out. It's not very piratey like it was the first few days where you could get into windows and take stuff from smithys, etc., but I'm okay with that too. I chose the PvE life at the start, so it is what it is. If I want to kill other players and steal more stuff for more RP like things, then I can roll on a PvP server. I don't need no stinking quests and restrictions on what talent tree I want to delve into. I have my priorities, it varies from everyone elses. And same goes for everyone else.
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