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  1. One sentence. Sloops are free and take 10 minutes to build a kitted one. that's far worse spam imo.
  2. It's to prevent ship spam... but now the fucking idiots (devs) are just making sloop spam because DUHHHH it's the only free ship and takes 10 minutes to build a fully kitted one.
  3. The game is unplayable when on gigabit internet the ping is constantly over 255ms Image of server ping
  4. Necroing because this is still a very big issue just want to say this but these roaming armada of the damned are everywhere in the most northern regions, my fiance phased in to a zone 1 galleon 2 brigs and 2 schooners of the damned chasing a whale and he was facing south and they were all facing west and he got put in between them and the whale. come on this is silly. at least he managed to zone hop in and out and lose them after an arduous battle of weaving but still they practically followed up to shore still anyways.
  5. Zeenjayli


    sat there for 4 hours claiming to have one person come up and reset one claim that only had 3 hours remaining fully back to 6 hours just standing there for literally 1 minute and then ran to our second claim and just over wrote our flag with theirs yet we couldn't reverse that... it wasn't until they claimed elsewhere did it let us reclaim..... an hour and a half later the one claim we had down to 2hours and 30 minutes before we get the claim had another person in the same clan came up and set us back 40 minutes just just floating in the water in our claim radius. THAN 40 minutes later YET ANOTHER stranger comes up and stands on our claim radius and resets IT back to 6 hours also. and does a dance to laugh at us for them screwing us over... this is 200 hours in 2+ weeks in to the game and my company STILL can not get claimed land because why? because you guys think it's funny on PVE to make it impossible for people to claim land allowing anyone to come by and reset your timer 4 hours in to the 6 hour wait. I'm inches from refunding this scam and reporting it to the BBB thought I would also mention, they were all Asian players doing this, because they don't care about other countries/ races as majority of Asians are Xenophobic
  6. pretty sure steam uses 2FA by default, via Email Verification so i highly doubt it was just a mere compromise. I'm almost certain that some key-logger is on their systems where ever they login as admin on probably log in as admin at home where they download all the porn with key-loggers attached.
  7. LOL how is a wipe fair in an Alpha stage early access game? well lets see it's fair because it's expected to be multiple wipes at the very least one in an i'll say it again ALPHA EARLY ACCESS.
  8. try this was building beside them and they decided they didn't want me to cause they accused me of trying to steal their ship yard LOL which I wasn't but having more experience now (that was like my first 24 hrs in the game) I realize making a ship yard is a cake walk so them crying over that is sad, EOK company pathetic and yes I reported them
  9. Made this Schooner thanks to the tuts on how to paint Sails!
  10. so basically telling Grapheshot that since you didn't wanna do anything we took it in our own hands and removing them completely as customers from you?
  11. Cool but equipping items takes so many frames
  12. forgive me for cutting certain things but this is merely to explain. During an update my first mate and i couldn't reconnect because something to do with their NA servers and companies, so we played on EU PVE as it was online and we started in I11 I think it was anyways you could tell it was of asian culture the way everything was laid out and stuff felt very relaxing but cold (temps) and in b5 the areas around there with the what seems like maple trees and the autumny colours makes me feel at home like it's canada, so yes I was referring to biome types. Yes I was not trying to say wiki's were updated by the company I was merely saying that there were tons of wikis for MC because there was no way to know how to make things without either reverse engineering the code to see the recipes yourself or looking up on the wiki of people who already did. it wasn't until later Mojang released the books to help people and than even later with the M$ acquisition did they change it again to resemble Terrerias crafting system with recipes showing in-game. because any creative MC player knows that it's a very complex game hidden inside simplicity. But I am glad someone agrees it would be nice for a bit more transparency and information.
  13. right click is not rotating the sail I can't seem to get it to rotate... any info on this?
  14. not only that but i didn't even get half of what I spent making that back so I was SoL because of a glitch, and it's not just "oh go remake the stuff instead of demolishing" it's not that easy when i'm spec'd to be the boat maker not the weapon expert, and they are offline for the next week for family things!
  15. had to demolish my ship and shipyard just to get my gear cause you guys still havn't got clipping working.
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