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  1. Gonna start this off with ... man that sucks, sorry for ya..... I think the animal spawning is still a bit wonky, but for future reference.... this may help (or it may not.. the game is buggy) Did your pen have any foundations inside of it?? Like Ark (pillars) certain structures do not stop the spawning of resources/animals ..... in Atlas, it seems Gateways alone will not stop the spawning of animals (Gates can also be placed outside of claims) It seems to me that two conditions need to be met to stop the spawning - a claim flag - foundations it seems that foundations WITHIN a claim flag (cant place them outside of one) have a radius to stop spawns, since we have built a 3rd structure in our gate-walls.... wilds have completely stopped spawning inside (up until that, with only 1 structure, we had 1-3 wild bulls in our gates, then 2 ... it went down to 1 bull at a given time..... now we have had 0 for 20 hours) if you have a stretch of area in your pen without a foundation.. try placing one Again sorry man
  2. Hello Would it be a major problematic change to either greatly lessen or outright remove the collection of berries on some tames, they simply get in the way and end up tossed on the ground while farming on them I am just wanting our "Tool tames" to feel like they are meant to actually farm specific resources, as opposed to them all being "berry farmers" with a side ability to farm a resource The three major tames in question with this being an issue.... from my understanding are Rhino Giraffe Elephant You swing twice and end up encumbered and having to open inventory and drop stacks upon stacks of berries so this QOL change - remove their berry collecting - we have many other creatures that can farm those (bull to name one)
  3. If i am not mistaken, Offline players do not reset the decay counter on structures/claims So eventually (i think its about 2 weeks total for stone) the claim and the structures can be "Auto destroyed" by anyone So the other companies contesting it..... cant keep it alive forever, without someone from that company logging in.. it will eventually auto-decay if not, thats how it will work in the future.. because ark's PVE eventually began doing that A full removal of the way claims work right now with sleepers contesting it... and you would be back here telling us that the claim system needs to be changed because "you're stuff gets stolen every single night" Also seems to me you would possibly enjoy PVP more, as again... on those servers you can break in.. kill them.. and steal it - altho chances are when they get back on, they will counter-attack
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