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  1. My wife says its enough now you can restart the server now, she received enough quality time now.
  2. Update: it seems that Steam has begun to resolve their downtime and users are able to get back into the game. ------------ Hey Pathfinders, There are some issues with Steam which is leading to players having problems connecting/joining servers on our Official Network. We're investigating on our side to see if we can help resolve the situation, but it may remain until Steam has resolved the downtime on their end. You can keep up to date with Steam's status by using the following page here: https://downdetector.com/status/steam We'll keep you posted if there are any further updates on our end. This shit is all nice and stuff but how can you sell that a couple of servers are still down, alot of people are not able to defend bases go fix the shit with steam. What are you gonna do if all our weeks of works gets destroyed in 17 hours? our enemies got free passes to get into our bases, we will lose 17 hours of shit because you choose steam to fuck up. Also if these outtages happen file a complain at steam and you should also pull the plug on all your servers its totally unfair that people are not able to play the game right now and the people who are able to play have a freepass to destroy everything alot of people worked hard for! Atleast come and answer this qeustion atlas what are you from grapeshot gonna do that nobody loses their shit unfair? or is this game only build to be played unfair. This problem between you and steam is all good and shit we lost an complete base we saw on a stream(Nahh dont ban me its not stream sniping if i cannot play myself) atleast 20 ships already and the rest is open to grab. How are you guys gonna compensate for these loses? more days 2x? since we lost that aswell. atleast turn of PVP for all ships, manage your shit make it unfair as soon as this stuff happens. And dont just blame steam and say the problem will resolve itself cos the problem of us losing bases right now is your fault and not steam.
  3. its retarded that devs or community managers arent listening or even respond to the community. they dont even bring out more news. the last known news is that the problem is resolving itself. well it obviously isnt since iam waiting for 13 hours to goddam play this crappy as game with naval combat that is rolling on 2 fps because the regions cannot handle more then 100 people in 1 single square. and yeahh i know its early acces, but hell they need to communicate with us instead of not responding to anything at all.
  4. Where was this? are you from Arkadia?
  5. Build it atleast 2 floors high, also double wall your pen. Build a feedtrough in the middle. Put your tames on passive the sea waves let the head of the wolf glitch trough.
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