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  1. Thats a lot of hours invested! I have a full time job & kids and sank this many hours into this shit! If I am honest I am not sure I will sink the same hours going forward. It was a PvP hardcore survival. We are a company of 3/5 and have been for a long time. We survived, established great bases. 50+ flags. I understand waking up and your shit is gone but to turn the PvP side into this new shit? Allow stronger defense abilities. NPC & Puckles are shit.. Give us Alpha NPCS. Give us stronger shit to defend with, LOTS more stuff to defend with when were in our pants sleeping.. One Flag per island.. Cmon.. Your pushing more than half the player base of atlas to join a bigger team. We will not join bigger teams. We like our own control.. You have fucked that up. People dont want to be allowed to build on some one's land.. They want land.. you have reduced the amount of people that will own land to about -70% less. If the land owners company get fucked off with you they just destroy your shit? Preventing Offline raiding did not need to be this strong at all.. I think your next update should be the planes/tanks & flying machines just to top this shit off.... You will see once the update goes live and we who established a base can not get our own island will not play this no more for that factor alone.. Maybe the most flags by one tribe on that island gets more of say/power on that island rather 1 person owning and all the rest are there bitches... Meh I hope this works but I cant see it honestly. My average hours per day will drop massively until the update that is in 2-4 weeks? I may fall in love with another game by then.. I have 1 task to do and that is to make 1 giant penis tower in our base then I am done until the new patch comes out.. I will follow this back with an updated pic! happy PvP for now!
  2. lol .. Was what I said in the first post. Just unclaim and anyone can reclaim the tame
  3. Does anyone know how one would pass one tame to another alliance? Would you unclaim the tame?
  4. PVP/PVE? Na/EU .. If EU PvP then I can gibe you your own land Sir!...
  5. PvP EU / NA? We have space for people to build on EU PvP...
  6. Bump ... Really need more allies down here! .. Stop being rapped on stupid island and come down south!
  7. Welcome! We are down south in the cold regions... We are looking to make our island as strong as possible and we need more people here. We have a fair bit of the island and we know everyone that is on the island with surrounding island support. If you are stuck on the lawless or constantly being wiped then this could be for you! We can give you a some land so you can build or if you want to join us then even better!. Message me on DIscord - Alca#8840 if your interested. Resources are not an issue, we know how to live on these islands properly and will help you in every way...
  8. Managed to do it in D12 EU PvP Just now.. What a pain.. Just pure luck.. Once you get through the horde of beasts at the entrance is fairly easy.. Stick to the right, its dark so make sure your right against the wall on the right.. Stick to the left hand side of the entrance on D12, drop down behind the big circle thing.. Then run through legs of the horde.. Good Luck! Until Next Time... piece!
  9. Any one got the location on EU PvP Server? I see a lot of H6 but is that for both NA/EU?
  10. We are a small team with a few alliances that build around us on the lawless islands.. We are ready to go take some land back with our alliances. We are recruiting any one that is English speaking & can get on with us.. No rules like other tribes on here! Add on Steam: alcatard1
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