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  1. Come on guys really?? The Map is already in your game!! 11X11 why don't you look and not moan on the forums.
  2. As @SNK says but for me i have 15x15 setup and each grid has the json files and every config for each server is the same as the 1 before and the 1 after. I have my grids over a few servers in my datacenter. As for Redis this does not need to be hosted on another server or VPS. It can still be on the same box if you like. The files for the database is not in the atlas folder its (on C Drive/or another drive.) but the server hosting the Redis will need to have a public IP in order for any server hosted elsewhere to pull from the database. The servergrid json needs to have that IP and port set there for all files. With that setup you cant go wrong. Proven 15x15 on different Racks!
  3. The server reads from 2 files thats why save the info in defaultusersettings
  4. no your maps are not working coz your using all the same ports in that image
  5. Start with this... Game Port: 5761 Query Port: 57561 RCON Port: 32300 Redis Port: 6379 SteamlessDataPort: 27000 Start with them ports by default. and the Port Increment: DO 10 PORTS APART! so if you have more than 1 grid each grid has to have its own ports. this way you have the ports apart enough from each other. If your using your own dedicated server the make sure them port are all open and id do TCP and UDP to be on the safe side. Are you self hosting or getting from a GSP(Hosting Provider)?
  6. Nope i mean rcon. We had the same issue on 30 grids then we set rcon and made sure all ports was what they was meant be. and it solved the problem.
  7. Just not sure about this as the guides don't say anything about it. now having more than 1x1 grid, 1 is a master server and any other grids you add would be slaves. the way i have it setup is all the grids are acting as there own server with there own cfg files. Iv read that all slave servers take the settings from the master server? What would i need to do to make all these other servers act as slaves. I have 225 servers running.
  8. it my own dedi like i said im not renting from anyone. server is on 10.8 iv tried using server manager too still don't work
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