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    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    if that is the case then stop yelling at them about it they know what they said they know what they did they now know we are not happy and have to suffer the consequences. but they will get it done regardless of when it releases. i understand people are going to be impatient and thats fine but dont complain about it when the games only been out fo r like 3 weeks or whatever its been. i would much rather a game that stable and not laggy and functioning properly before any DLC content or any dev kit because the dev kit cant fix a laggy game. but like i said i understand your guys' impatience and irritation, im annoyed about it as well but i know itll be here soon anyway
  2. Stabilizations

    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    is it really that hard to just agree that we all want the dev kit already and just be patient so we can save their game? isnt that what we are all here for is to help them make a game how we want to make it?