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  1. Looking for High WL (30+) un neutered/spayed Razors that specialize in specific stats other than health. Paying very well depending on the stat and level.
  2. I made an mythical speed set that lists a total speed multiplier of 65% IT does nothing. I agree that this stat should be converted into something else if speed is so problematic
  3. What are you Offering? I have some Wild Level 40s that were bred, 2 caught 30s (Wild level 44)Male and Female, and a 37 that was also bred.
  4. Looking 1 blueprint of 180+% Heavy cannons, With atleast 13 Runs, Will pay well. Msg me on the forums or add my discord Regoren#5862
  5. Looking to buy a Wild level 40+ Razor, Msg me on the forums or add my discord Regoren#5862
  6. Yeah, same thing happened to me last night, took a few minutes to figure that out.
  7. Looking For Legendary Large Ship Gunport Blueprints. PM Me a Picture of What you have available and the price. Regoren#5862
  8. Looking to buy Residue, looking pay in Gold but Open to Any offers
  9. Yup, this needs to be fixed, Cant even loot the Body, its just Deleted
  10. Had the same thing happen to me and a Friend while we were carring the Power Stone artifact
  11. The other day I was about to Ram a Bull with my Rhino as it appeared Normal. Walked up to it just to see if perhaps it was level 30. turned out to be a 196 alpha male. The Glow was soo small it was barely showing through his skin
  12. okay Cool, will finalize this over Discord then, talk to you Later today
  13. Sweet, Yeah ill be able to Deliver. Im at work for the next 2.5 hours then ill get on, Sail back home from F13 and bring the Metal to you. I live in B9 So if you ever want to do this again please Add my Discord Regoren#5862
  14. Hey, id be willing to trade 10k Cobalt for 10k Iron If that works for you.
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