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  1. You PVE people really need to get into the pirate mood more. Where is the fun of sitting on everything with zero chances of taking a hit? Used to play on PVE but the community there was more toxic than on PVP, and it wasn't too exciting to log in to a fool-proof base. Then I decided to hold a small island on EU-PVP with a crew of 8 friends. Most of whom barely played. After setting up base defences (Puckles, Cannons, etc) as well as high thick stone walls around the flag base, we had no problems with attackers. Just saying, it's not all that hard to keep up. Then again, if you get attacked by a big company then it's GG. Actually gathering gold and up-keeping the base was breeze after the initial setup. But you guys should know that since you've done it on PVE. Get on with the times.
  2. Finally some good fucking food.
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