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  1. I didn't even think of that! I'll make like 6 chests just full of them!
  2. I'm already in game prepping my city for the party, making the race tracks and everything!
  3. FIRST I LOVE YOU! Don't forget J11 - NA PVE End of the world party the weekend before the wipe! Rebirth of an era!
  4. All servers are the same, so if its F8 itll be the same across the board
  5. It just got a reset, there was someone streaming who tagged dollie and halfway through he could finally sail again
  6. The lowest of the low will be 5K, then all the serious bugs will be worked out, itll rise to about 7 again then something will break. Itll go back down to that 5k for the people leaving (either again or for the first tine) where as the few remaining players will be those who returned and are happy with the changes and the people who are here for the long haul. In about 8 months there will be a HUGE game change that will bring the numbers back up to about 11-15k and then it will dwindle again until console release. Itll rise again and possibly even more than seen recently and then it will die down with the console focus. This is just how these games work, its predictable.
  7. Depending on how long you've been 89, you could head to O7, by the time it gets there you will probably have aged or at least age by the time it leaves
  8. What I would like to see done is a first come first serve type system. The round is weird I'll admit, but I'd prefer the claims stop at each line when placed so they dont overlap in the first place.
  9. To be fair your last topic was flamed to heck and back. But I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the climbing pick bug, dont know if anyone has felt the need to report it, but the team should have been aware by now.
  10. My tamer dies maybe once when taming, well... pretty much anything. With eles he uses plate armor in case he gets hit. But most other tames hes naked lol
  11. A heat map is a tracker map that shows current player counts upon refresh. The person two replies up above me linked a good one to assist
  12. All I do is watch the heat map for a couple days and head to the server with the least amount of players and start searching. Pretty easy strat considering. I have land in tundra if you're on NAPVE and want it.
  13. While I agree with most parts I will play devils advocate and promote myself. There are people who sell land and rent it super cheap to help those in need. I do this myself as well as many others in my alliances. I've also gone hunting for land and found plenty open spots which I have claimed for specific people asking in Discord. Only to have them tell me "oh I dont want to live there" hence why I'm stuck with the amount of land I have. Granted this is me speaking from the PVE standpoint. I could go sailing right now and find at minimum 4 spots. It's there it's just hard to find if you dont know where to look. I will agree i think companies should have a limit placed on them (maybe like 5 flags per company member) to limit the abuse. That being said no matter how a solution could be mentioned theres still the possibility of griefers over lapping and making building impossible for you, theres the lawless foundation spam, there are ways around things like that and people will abuse it. I also do agree the 20 day timer is harsh. Jat said it would be two weeks. 14 days =/= 20. I know vacations are important. And it sucks if you're a solo player and want to go away if they make the timer 2 weeks, but they should enable ally's to refresh your timers as another benefit to an alliance
  14. Just in case anyone needs it, there is confirmation it's at M12, not just me following my own schedule.
  15. Do they still function even though they are resetting like that?
  16. Too short of time, to start sailing to it now, might as well head to m12 and wait.
  17. It refused to let us declare war, as you can see in the video when we were allied. I had made it 3 times and sent it to him with no notice on his side until he left the alliance. I don't know if this was an intentional change from when you guys did it, or if it's a bug or something (this video was literally taken 5 mins before posting, so 3 days ago) It's all based on in-game days, so if you want it for a long time you'll have to plan for that and figure it out that way, 1 in-game day i think is about 48 minutes. If that helps
  18. Thank you for the warning, unsure why anyone would go to O14 when the FOY is at F8, but I digress, perhaps for one of the powerstones itself or a specific monster. still a valid warning.
  19. Or go to unofficial. Darkside is getting tons of love.
  20. But they will. And it will fail, and then people will cry while like 30% of people will be happy about it.
  21. Nope, never in anything I ever said did it say that at all. I said that's what they should apply because that's all the know how to do. What i said was "that's as close as we are going to get" No matter WHAT we want, the Devs wont do it. They will "work with what they know" and apply that. Edit: In case that hasn't been clear from day 1.
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