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  1. CaerMortuus

    Ok so we decided on official pve

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is shoulder tames. They are extremely useful and dont require you to maintain a riding or taming skill after you have them. Monkeys help you regen health and can slow enemies. Parrots give an insulation buff (free fortitude while sailing or exploring). Crows reduce your fall damage. I'd recommend either taming or trading for any of those on your travels. Also, while climbing up those big mountains...have a glide suit in case your pick breaks. That way you dont splat.
  2. CaerMortuus

    New Content Suggestion

    I think the next content unlocked BP needs to be a golden age mechanical pigeon and perch....that you can send notes, maps, BPs, and possibly small limited quantities of items through to designated locations where you have the perch built. Limit the Pigeon to roughly 100 weight, unable to be increased, so what can be sent would be very limited. Make the Pigeon fly in real time, at a set speed (maybe 15 knots?) so that it is not an instant teleport of items between areas. Extra perches would have to be built, as only 1 pigeon would be able to occupy a perch at a time (similar to the submarine in the dinghy dock...can't dock more than one at a time). Thus, make the perch semi costly to build. Pigeon would be crafted at the perch. On the PvP side of things, the pigeon should be able to be shot down if seen in flight (speed should probably be a little slower, thinking about that), and can be looted by other players if 'caught' or destroyed. Just an idea, any suggestions or improvements to this are always appreciated.
  3. CaerMortuus

    NA PvE End Game Content Group

    Well, so far we've had quite a few joining daily since I started this on Friday. Almost hit the 50 member mark, usually only been a couple from any given Company at this point. The more the merrier, tho. Always willing to have more people setup event that need more bodies, or willing to help the solos / small companies that are struggling as well. If you would like to organize any events, just shoot me a PM in the discord once you've joined, and I'll get you setup as an event organizer as well. Discord layout is basic, but all the fancy discord bots are not my strong suit lol. Hope we get many more people interested and thriving end-game content going for anyone who'd like to participate :).
  4. CaerMortuus

    NA PvE End Game Content Group

    Hello fellow pathfinders enjoying the PvE side of this game. I noticed a lot of people complaining about not being able to get the sub, content locked behind Kraken, Powerstones are too hard...Well some of us are able to do these things, and have created a discord to schedule events for end game content. Powerstones, Kraken battles, general chat if you need help with things. We have a Kraken fight scheduled for this Saturday, May 18th, and all information is available within the discord. Many fellow pirates have already joined, and more showing up every day. This isn't a Company invite, Solo players are more than welcome to jump in and find help in what interests them. If you are interested in joining, just click this link: https://discord.gg/FFtTvy6 We hope to see you there. The more people we have, the more we can accomplish together.
  5. CaerMortuus

    breeding tiger

    Imprinting has 2 benefits, one is for anyone, the other is for rider. Imprinting will raise the creature's health, weight, and melee by 0 - 20% depending on the final imprint of 0 - 100%. This affects the animal directly, regardless of rider. Personal benefit for person who imprints: While the imprinted is riding that animal, the animal receives from 0 - 30% increased damage output, and from 0 - 30% reduced damage received. This part will not transfer to another rider.
  6. CaerMortuus

    Hunting the Fountain of Youth again

    It's at all golden age islands, all the time now.
  7. CaerMortuus

    Bear highest stat rolls lvl 30 wild

    I'm a bear breeder in NA PvE (D5). I'm willing to trade other breeders bears stat for stat. Also willing to buy bears with higher stats than what I have for my program =). Current high stats: Health: 774.4 Food: 7200 Oxygen: 594 Weight: 1121 (currently lowest wild levels) Stamina: 1100 Melee: 176.4% All my breeders have no mutations as I'm still combining my stats. Melee only available for other equally high roll (15 wild levels+) in critical stats. Have an alternative melee stat of 167 ish available for lower improvements to my lines =). Only looking for natural stats without mutations currently. If interested DM me or sail through D5 asking for me.
  8. CaerMortuus

    C6 hydras extinct?

    The spawn point, when I located it, would have been around -66.7786 / 26.6602 on top of one of the cliffs. The southern beach I referenced in prior reply is located roughly -66.8945 / 26.3 and the stone 'arch' that is formed is North East by view, once you're near said beach.
  9. CaerMortuus

    C6 hydras extinct?

    Can confirm the top of mountain as a spawn point for hydra in my screenshot. Went there again tonight to kill it. I'd lured it down previously. It was there again. To find it, go to the southern central beach on map. Look north for the stone arch between the cliffs. Its spawning on top of the mountain that makes up the left part of that arch, on the right side of it. Almost exactly in the middle of the arch. Hope this helps.
  10. CaerMortuus

    C6 hydras extinct?

  11. CaerMortuus

    C6 hydras extinct?

    I found one a few days ago on NA PVE in C6. It was high up on a cliff.
  12. CaerMortuus

    Claim Flag Time 2Days !!!!

    Direct link to Jat's comment
  13. CaerMortuus

    Breeding, Temperature, and Stasis

    Hello, after two different attempts with testing, I have discovered an issue with breeding that involves the babies going into stasis. First, let me say that I am aware of the breeding requirements regarding temperature for different animal's ideal range for babies to survive. On two different occasions, I have had this bug happen when breeding bears. Description of the events that lead up to the bugged state: 1) We live in a temperate region, and are breeding bears. We know that bears require the temperature to be between 6 and 19 degrees Celsius to not take damage. Our average temperatures in the region are from 8 degrees Celsius during the night, to around 21 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. 2) We regularly observe our bears receiving the "Island" overheating debuff that causes babies to take damage until temperatures fall below 19 degrees Celsius. We have had some close calls, but our bears have survived as long as someone is within the area and keeping the babies from going into stasis. 3) I was the only one in our base area, and a Company member was asking for assistance on another tile. I checked the babies to make sure their health was good, deposited my gear, and fast traveled to another server to assist Company member. This, by default, put the baby bears into 'stasis' status. I am aware that temperatures and food are still monitored while they are in stasis. Our babies were in the "Juvenile" stage at this point, all had 1 imprint completed on each (for a 20% imprint bonus), were eating from a feeding trough, and feeding trough was very well supplied with food for them. 4) I assisted my Company member with their task in another tile, fast traveled back to base, and immediately went to check on our baby bears. This is where the bug comes into play. 5) Temperature in the zone at the time when I returned to the bears was 16 degrees Celsius, well within their range for 'livable' conditions. The time of day was late morning, moving towards noon, and temperature was slowly increasing. However, even though the temperature was in a valid range for the baby bears, they were afflicted with the "Island" overheated debuff and taking damage. 6) I proceeded to watch our baby bears lose health while the temperature was in an acceptable range, waiting for the debuff to go away, and it did not. Debuff persisted at least through 5 minutes of real time while the temperature continued to rise on the server, until ambient temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, with the babies only having approximately 20 health at this point, and there was no hope for the bears to recover. All babies proceeded to die a horrible death, even though they should have been topped off to their current 'max' of available health (around 160 at this point) well before the hot temperature should have affected them. Hypothesis of bug to be looked into: While in stasis, damage from temperature is still applied when temperatures go outside acceptable range; however, I believe that the timer on the 'hot' or 'cold' debuff that causes damages to babies does not actually tick with the actual weather when the baby is in stasis. Instead, this debuff and its timer is applied to the bear, but never begins counting. The baby still receives damage while in stasis from having this temperature debuff, but no ticks of the debuff are removed until out of stasis. This results in the baby receiving the affects of the debuff for longer than intended, and having the debuff while inside the acceptable temperature ranges for their growth. This can result in solo players never being able to breed anything unless they stay logged in for 40+ hours straight to keep their babies out of stasis, or living in a biome that will *never* fall outside of acceptable ranges, which is an unrealistic expectation with 'cold fronts' and 'heat waves' in the game. Example of Hypothesis: Baby is near max health for its development point (say 160 out of 580 for a Juvenile Bear at about 16% maturity), when someone logs out or leaves render range. Bear enters a type of stasis with no active players nearby to save server resources. While in stasis, temperature rises above threshold of acceptable range for baby. "Hot" debuff is applied with time remaining equal to the time that server temperature will remain above threshold (Lets us 10 minutes as an example). Baby proceeds to take damage from temperature being outside of threshold range while in stasis (as expected). "Hot" debuff remains on baby. Debuff timer remains in 'stasis' at 10 minutes without changing. Temperature falls to within acceptable range while baby is still in stasis. Baby stops taking damage due to active event (Health around 60 out of 580 at this point). "Hot" debuff remains on baby with full 10 minute timer. Player travels within render range of baby. Baby is now removed from stasis status. "Hot" debuff is removed from stasis status, and timer now beings to count down, regardless of current server temperature. Any response from the devs would be appreciated on this, so that breeding can be possible without having someone online literally 24/7 within render range of babies. Thank you, Caer.