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  1. Yea this is a really bad change for them. Sometimes I wonder what makes the devs do these dumb changes. I mean everything you said is correct and it totally destroys two thirds of the boat pvp which this game is about. This needs to change asap or it will drive down the player count even further.
  2. Are you the company owner? If you are you can merge with another company and they would inherit everything owned with your company. Otherwise if you just leave the company you will lose everything.
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    Yea man its really not that big of a deal its a great feature and I'm glad its in the game.
  4. I agree I think this is a fantastic change for once that the devs have made. Maybe now they are going to step in the right direction.
  5. I agree this game is all about tames. If you loose yours or don't have one then your instant dead. They need to re-balance that whole aspect.
  6. Any more crap like this is gonna destroy the little player base they have left. Why are they adding unrealistic stuff like this when they could be adding more ship types.
  7. Use your head. They will just aimbot your character who's is driving the boat.....
  8. No dude its a terrible change. If the game is fundamentally broken aka aim botters the solution isn't to make things invincible its to fix the cheating/ban the cheaters. This completely destroys a gameplay style. If you like boarding ships then one grapeshot swivel will destroy this completely. This is a terrible change and its one more of the devs dumb ideas that kills the game for a lot of people who like to play the game a certain way.
  9. No that is a terrible idea. The whole point of what makes atlas fun is the sheer size of it. I do agree they need to do something to get more plays back in but shrinking the map will do nothing but drive more people away from the game. I think they should not split their player base so much. They need to get rid of all the PVE servers and make 2 servers one NA and one EU. That being said i know all the PVE people would cry and whine. So the devs should add in a few more pve elements that would take the heat off of the massive lust for pvp. Such as npc run ships that ferry mats and gold around the zone. Make these a target that can be raided on the sea. Give them something else to target in hopes that people will be less inclined to KOS.
  10. No man just no. The problem is if you make it such a small window there is no way to launch a surprise attack. Say what you want but if you always know when you are getting attacked it takes the fun out of the game not to mention its a terrible tactic. That's why we stopped line combat back in the civil war.
  11. Clearly I'm talking to you how do you not realize that? Who is the real moron. Bro honestly that's part of the game this care bear attitude everyone has needs to go. Learn how to play solo which is absolutely possible or go get friends who can help you. Why should we all compromise our game play because one sour cry baby lost a ship so now he needs a 24/7 safe space.
  12. Listen to these entitled kids who do not pay for an island and instead ride off of someone else coattails then demand more privileges when paying zero gold. How about this if you want to make all the rules go get your own island. My group started out as only 2 people and we easily took control of an island and held it still to this day. There is so many ways to get gold it is easily possible to do. Stop crying about it and make your own way if you don't like it.
  13. They cant even be placed in the water. They need to allow players to use these or remove things like base raiding all together. Either way figure out which way you want your game to go.
  14. How does this prevent exploits or cheats? What it does prevent is anyone ever being able to board a ship during ship to ship combat. I think nothing should be invincible but my god if your going to make this change at least make it so it only applies on land or anchored ships. Let ships that are free on the sea be able to be boarded.
  15. When did I say that? When did I say that it would be great to fight npc crew and anchored ships? What I said was that the combat timer is fine where it is. The problem with this community and game is there are so many people who cry because its to hard for them. The devs already made it easier by adding a very long peace phase. If you do not want any pvp then go to the pve mode that is what it is there for. To respond to your question have you ever tried to raid a base before? It can take upwards of 3 to 5 hours if it properly defended and all their players are online. Especially now that they made all seated npc units invincible. The problem is people are not creative enough with how they build defenses. They have zero understanding of tactics and how people raid. There are alot of people who do understand these principles and do not get raided when they are offline.
  16. No the combat phase is fine where it is. Stop crying about it.
  17. Why was this change introduced into the game? I thought it was dumb even with puckels but now all seated npc on land or boats are not able to be killed without destroying what they are seated on? How does this improve the game for anyone. We already have a peace time where you can not get attacked. This absolutely kills raiding and boarding ships. This types of dumb changes make me question why I play this game. If I wanted to only have ship vs ship combat from a distance there are plenty of other games that focus on just this and do it well. This change is absolutely not needed what so ever.
  18. Most Recent patch keeps getting my tames stuck in the back of the boat no matter if they follow or i put them on the boat.
  19. Crazy I have moved tames on the boat every time like that and never came across it. I didn't even know until now you can have them follow you like AI hahah I should have but at least I learned something new. Thanks for the info!
  20. They disabled moving tames to ships in the latest patch not sure why but it sounded like a bug issue they are trying to fix.
  21. What you just said makes no sense. I don't think you understand what I was saying. If they make an extra buff to when a player is offline such as making stone structures X times stronger when a player is offline then you know people will immediately log off at the first sign of any pvp. You shouldn't just get a handout buff instead its better to reward players who use their brain and tactically build well thought out defenses.
  22. God I hope no raid timers that would be terrible. I'm all for balancing the offline raiding however I still think it should be possible. Raiding is part of the game and you know damn well that if they make offline raiding almost non existent then people will log off as soon as they see an enemy ship approach. To combat offline raiding they need to add things like more traps/defenses or more building options. Make it so the offline protections is being creative/tactical with how you build your base and defenses. People should be punished for leaving gaping holes in their security thus pirates can take advantage of.
  23. I agree with you and I am surprised that the Devs have not given us a response on how they feel about all this. @Jatheish I am sure you guys are aware of the use of these programs do you really condone them for your game? I mean whats the point of a massive open world with so many players if everyone can constantly track who ever they want.
  24. I think the problem with the Pro battlemetrics guys is they grew up in a generation where they think everything should just be handed to them. They don't understand hard work and working towards a goal. Again if you guys look at their logic lets just have a program that gives me an advantage over others. No different then a hacking program that give you an advantage over another player. Their argument is anyone can do it too well yea anyone can also buy hacks but we don't because we like to play the game legit.
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