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    Seems to be an issue with drums and the "a" button. like it doesn't work half the time. accordian works great
  2. just to let someone know because idk which is the mistake. mythical and legendary seem switched idk which is better I assume mythical. but in melee tree goes legendary to mythical however, in ranged and fire arms trees it goes mythical then legendary.
  3. What are you trying to move? Works with sloops and brigs for sure that I know of. Rafts are sol
  4. I can understand why guns can't be used underwater. But bows are very weak as is and to add multi sharks makes underwater annoying. It's already impossible to stand toe to toe with an alpha. But with an alpha shark, come on
  5. Myself I'm interested to see where it goes. Perm death would be nice because it makes the game more real and can't be a total a@@hole to everyone. Ark died due to people griefing. Ark taught me to never trust anyone. And if people had to fear death it would be more satisfying when your child takes revenge on that group. Draw back would be the dessamation of your family in the game. I would like to see where it goes. If y'all are afraid of dieing go back to ark where you can naked zerg people.
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