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  1. I can second this. Apparently the stats should show the growth based on a certain percentage of the base amount (tamed levels 0 value), BUT it does display the growth for the respective stats current value, including the values granted by tamed levels. The growth of the stat when applying the levelup however is not the displayed one, but the regular one for the base amount. It's not really a major bug, but rather something cosmetic, though it should be fixed rather easily, as I hope
  2. If it can help with the debugging, please feel free to contact me and I can grant access to my Logfiles (given someone has the location of them for me - I've been too lazy to look for them yet)
  3. Since the patch today I'm facing the same issue. I verified, connected to different servers, but in EU PVP I can't connect to any servers anymore and end up on "PrimalGameData_BP" with no change even after waiting for 20 minutes.
  4. I do agree, that 25 seconds is definitely too much for a carbine rifle, but then again, if you allow for instantenous switching of gear, reloading wouldn't be necessary and the balancing patches for ranged weapons in terms of PVP would be entirely obsolete, as you could just carry around 25 carbines and switch them after shooting to skip the minigame and turn a 10 second waiting time into 2 seconds. On a PVE Server this might be less of an issue, but we all know, that things that can be done to improve one's chances in PVP will be done, so that this kind of cooldown does have it's place in the game.
  5. JATHEISH would it be a viable option to allow renaming the ship for the first 5 minutes of being released? It has happened to me as well, that I misspelled a shipname, because holding the 'E' button placed a single 'E' before the name, turning 'Rectifier' into well.... I don't have to spell it out (much to the amusement of some company members). It's seen immediately and could be corrected immediately, so there is no need to allow renaming a ship after weeks, but only when you've still not even sailed with the thing.
  6. I can confirm this bug, as I've had the very same issue before and was forced to kill myself in order to redo the minigame and reset the buff, since you can't refresh/restart it, whilst the buff is still in effect.
  7. I can only deny this: The harvesting increases the total yield, meaning the ressources you get in comaprison to the node HP you destroyed. Let's say a tree has 100 node-hp and a ressource value of 100 wood: Attacking it with a normal hatchet does 25 damage and yields you 25 wood per hit, until the 100 hp are gone -> 100 wood with 4 hits Attacking it with a 200% hatchet does 50 damage and yields you 50 wood per hit, until the 100 hp are gone -> 100 wood in 2 hits Attacking it with the hand harvesting skill for +60% and a normal hatchet does 25 damage and yields you 40 (25*1.6) wood per hit, until the 100 hp are gone -> 160 wood with 4 hits Attacking it with the hand harvesting skill for +60% and a 200% hatchet does 50 damage and yields you 80 (50*1.6) wood per hit, until the 100 hp are gone -> 160 wood in 2 hits. We're farming metal with pickaxes and whilst some have the skill only on level 2 (+40%) and others have it on level 3 (+60%) we noticed the difference rather easily, as we farmed a total of 20 metal nodes each and stored it into separate chests for reference. The nodes were all freshly respawned and untouched, the tools of equal quality (136% pickaxe and 132% pickaxe) whilst in the end we got approximately 10% more metal with the level 3 buff (which should be 12.5% in a perfect world without RNG). This also confirms my explanation as for how the values for harvesting and damage scale, as well as others have explained it here before me.
  8. I agree with the discovery finding methods... There ought to be a way of tracking them, even if it is a bit more complex than using a spyglass. Currently hunting discoveries is a pain in the arse, given that you might have between 4 and 29 discoveries in a sector, whilst not even able to pinpoint the island or anything, especially with identical Islands having different discoveries, even though they are in the same climate, have the same PoIs and so on. Maybe a way to improve this situation would be, if the DP could be properly clustered into specific islands -> you select the sector, select an island and you can see the DPs for that island, rather than the entire sector. You would still need to travel to an island to know, which one it is, but once you've acquired the island DP, you would have the amount of hidden DPs still left on that island.
  9. So during the lagspikes on 21:00 (approx) GMT +1 I switched servers from K3 to K4 via bed-travel and crashed. Since the servers restarted then, I can't login anymore, neither with "Rejoin" as I don't have a region assigned to my character anymore, as well as the "Join New Atlas" and selecting a freeport throwing an error named "Connection Failure" with the message "You are currently travelling to another server, please join again later" Does anyone have experience with this kind of issue and could help me to fix it?
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