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  1. Recently I have been stuck on other players rafts/sloops ect on freeports. All I did was jump onto them as they were in way to my ship or something and my character gets stuck on their deck/top of raft. My character starts to levitate and doesnt walk but instead hovers to direction I press and I can't get out of sloop or rafts. If I go to end of raft it just stops there and does nothing. Anyone else experienced such bug?
  2. 3 guys looking for company with established land. We are on Eu-Pvp server. Private message me if you are willing to let us join your company and for more info
  3. I (we) are in eu server
  4. Yeah I was just cocidering that so now I need to find that decent company that let's me do such thing
  5. As I am mainly solo and building decent ship (schooner) is a feat itself right now my main issue is that how can I protect it after I need to log out and go to sleep? Certainly I can't dock it in freeports and all my schooners tend to sink while I am sleeping...is solo playing so dead? should I just move on to other games?
  6. Is there way to use npc as a gatherer for you or would it be possible to do in future?
  7. Anyone else encountered bug where your new and cheaper sloop (build from npc) just vanished when changing region? I was with my friend and everything looked alright until we changed region to new one and then I heard demolish sound and me and my buddy found out that our newly build sloop just vanished and we both dropped into a sea. It did leave behind demolished crates (little bags) with all the stuff that were inside those crates. Also I found out that there was rope ladders just hanging in the air. So my question is does this happen often as I am afraid to do all the work again and then just get my ship vanish when changing region or is this just rare bug that we happened to encounter?
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