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  1. They do listen to the player base. The problem is that the player base as a whole don't agree with each other, and it's impossible to make everyone happy.
  2. That doesn't account for all the players that are on unofficial servers that are included in the steam charts.
  3. It's possible this could have the opposite affect. Many people have quit over the last couple months because they couldn't find land because of the existing claim system. It's all together possible that many people will return since everyone will be starting fresh again. However I expect the new claim system to cause more problems than it solves so only time will tell how things will go.
  4. Whether it's a good idea or not, it should have always been expected to happen when they added additional features that would require it, and I'm sure this wont be the only wipe over the two year early access period.
  5. @Jatheish will we get the new islands/trenches on the map editor before/when the patch goes live so we can get unofficial grids updated alongside official with new features?
  6. unfortunately I had to reimage my server as ubuntu to get around that error
  7. You didn't honestly think that was going to work, or prove anything did you?
  8. I expect over the course of EA more unique islands will be added to the game to add move variety.
  9. Not everything needs to be simple and easy to figure out by the average joe. Some level of exploration is good for games, if something doesn't work try something else until you succeed. I agree that it shouldn't tell you, you can feed in an invalid location, but throwing a tantrum and giving up doesn't solve anything. Running to the forums to create a new thread on an issue that has had so many created already is just annoying, more often than not the other threads include a solution to the problem.
  10. in many cases I just have to run up spam feed and back off before the animal attacks. As long as I don't sit too close for too long I don't generally have an issue, even with elephants and giraffes.
  11. arzosah


    Go to the power stone grids, the spawn rate and difficulty level are increased so higher level ones spawn.
  12. I understand how it would work....I just think it's a horribly tedious process.
  13. Though I don't think this game was designed for solo/small groups, I don't agree that solo play has no place in an MMO. Things should be more difficult solo but it should still be viable. The skill system you've outlined sounds more tedious than anything else, there are ark mods that added in processing steps for wood, and it just makes the whole building process slower and more boring.
  14. I added to the DefaultGameIni in the grid editor and it worked fine.
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