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  1. provokatze23

    This isn't PVE, change it.

    I agree you to 100%. I wanted to play pve, but after our base got 2x stolen in PVE i left that game. If they offer pve and pvp they should make it that it works for both game modes... maybe doing trading in pve, limit that fk landclaims and make a decaytimer of bases like in ark. Wont come back as long as it is how it is.
  2. provokatze23

    Bull useless ?

    Have a bull, getting only 1/3 of what i get with a primitive iron pickaxe. It can gather berries better... pig can gather berries well. Bear is top for fiber thatch sugar berries ( all what u can get from hand harvestable plants ) . Can also do easy treasure hunts up to 500 gold with one high lvl bear leveled on weight... Rhino well.. no weight reduce and annoying to tame where they always get killed by new spawning shit tons of vultures. High lvl wolf ... good health and dmg, but stamina is way to low. lion is like a wolf, but less health, more stamina. Should be stronger... but good enough for treasure hunting. I killed alpha chicken turrle rabbit sheep and ape with my bear. A pig killed the bear and he had still half health, used healing and more dmg spell. Dont wanna meat an alpha lion snake or wolf with a mount....
  3. provokatze23

    Cyclones and fog all the time

    Hey Matey‘s, dunno if u changed something, but that cyclones are spawning every few minutes, shared with fog.... it feels like i survive such a nest of cyclones, only to repair the ship to run again in the next storm... maybe you can change the weather a bit. Or make at least less cyclones in a storm. ty best regards
  4. provokatze23

    Claim territory company

    They have changed something with pve claiming. I was on the island where we have our claim and was walking arround for fun and it said „can not become claimed at this time“. also no timer to see when it could work.
  5. provokatze23

    Killing Players while in PVE

    It sucks. That timer should be reset when u render, not with „killable“ sleeping characters. Lost our whole base through that.....
  6. provokatze23

    Taming- can not saddle mounts.

    Yea u need to relog then it works. But Last patch should have fixed it
  7. provokatze23

    pve (NA-PVE) Want to buy land

    Could only offer u a bit land in croc free tundra or on croc snake vulture horror tropical island XD
  8. provokatze23

    Claimen von Flaggen

    denke mal je mehr ungenutztes geclaimtes land, desto schneller ists claimable. wie se das regeln mit ganze basen stehlen... keine ahnung. Hoffe jedenfalls dass da noch was kommt, so oft wie man verreckt nachm ausloggen