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  1. No actually it is not good enough, If there were ever any activity at these boats I wouldn't have brought up the issue but there isn't any activity at all. I have randomly asked in chat numerous times with no response. I have actively watched over all of these boats, rafts, etc. and none of them have moved in the slightest. Including the schooners that I watched the people build. Each one of these people have either built a small structure and then when I demolish it after their timer is up, imagine that, they were still laying in there (before update where body stayed) and hadn't logged in. I would say that these boats are abandoned..... These are all in lawless as well not in a claimable area. I am more than generous to newcomers and people passing through, offering them whatever I have they might be able to use. So yes, these boats are abandoned..... I have been in the area I am at since about day 4 of the game, slowly gathering and building my galleon, I know almost everyone that has settled on the island I am at.
  2. Can there not be a claim timer implemented on these things? Well at least one that works. I don't want to take the ship for nothing, I just want to be able to claim and demolish to get them out of the way. I don't even need to get the resources from them. I understand in PvP you can claim them by using a claim flag but it is different in PvE.... We need to be able to do something to get rid of them and 3 weeks is too long for them to go poof! If people aren't playing for 3 weeks then they probably aren't that serious.
  3. @Jatheish this was the one and only comment about resources not respawning. Can you please update everyone on here and twitter if the respawn rate on lawless is going to return back to what it was or not. Rumors are floating around that this was done purposely to drive people out of lawless but if that is the case then my self and quite a few others I have spoke with on NA PVE are done. It would be a different case if there was claimable land that was a little easily survivable but there isn't. I have tried to support this game as much as I can but the lack of communication on one of the most asked questions is starting to break me down.
  4. Yes you can transport an elephant on boats. I feel relatively sure you can transport on a schooner but I know for certain you can transport on a sloop.
  5. @Jatheish As others have said resources are not respawning, cannot fill waterskins or jars from ground spout and also on PVE when you claim an abandoned ship (2 sloops in this case) you can do nothing with it. When you claim an abandon raft you can atleast scuttle it but still cannot do anything else. I try to keep the area clean around the island that I am on so that newcomers have a chance to visit and stay if they like so please at least give the option to scuttle the ships like the rafts.
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