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  1. Only the lowest tiers will be cheap to repair. But the higher tier will bring significantly more costs and perhaps coins too. Its a similar system to "Life is Feudal". On the same island. If you upgrade your mainflagg, you will become sideflaggs. That are smaller versions of the mainflaggs to specificaly claim wanted areas on the same island. For example: You have a house in the middle and a habor at the south coast, but you want to claim a metal rich region on the westside of the island. With an upgrade of your mainflagg you can do that and place a new side-flag. This is necessary because every island has its own topography. Companies should have the opportunity to specifically expand their territory on the island. But only higher expansion levels extend the area so that a company can claim the entire island. And then there are probably other companies that also have main flags and occupy areas of the island. Here comes either diplomacy (alliances) or the conflict comes into play. Depending on the server and its rules. Something like that. Yes. It must be worthwhile to maintain even higher claims. Otherwise, no company would do that.
  2. The map is full of flags (official PvE). Even the polar regions are all confiscated. Partly islandwide, from a company that probably consists of only 5 people or lower. There are hardly any meaningful or imaginative buildings. The rest of the country is completely unused and just staffed to have it. The hype is slowly but surely over. Some players have built or seen almost everything, or simply lost their appetite. Companies are losing manpower and it is apparent that many built-up areas are simply deserted. Here and there someone may log in, so that nothing can be claimed for more than 6 (!) Hours by others. People no longer try to dispute these territories, which seems to be due to the nonsensical system. The claiming system needs a complete overhaul. This concerns above all unused areas. It can not be that once claimed regions forever belong to any data corpse, without effort or expense. I have a few suggestions, some of which have certainly been discussed in the forum. But still I wanted to address it again, because it's about time that the developers are working on it again: Claiming system 1) Each company or individual can standardly build per island a mainflag on the land and a sea flag. For example, you can have a "Hacienda" on the island and a pier or dry dock area on the coast. The area of claiming is 1/2 of the current effect. 2) You have to repair these flaggs constantly with ressources. After about 3 days it breaks down and the surrounding buildings begin to disintegrate. Other players can claim the area and all the buildings that stand on it. You can have claims on multiple islands in the region or other regions. But you have to maintain it. 3) You can upgrade your minor flagg on the island with ressources. Each upgrade will bring you one side flagg and each two upgrades a sea flagg. Use it to expand your claim on the same island. The area of effect of your mainflagg will expand also and bring more time to repair. With each upgrade, the costs of the maintenence will increase. At the beginning, you will use standard ressources like wood, thatch and fiber. But at higher tiers, you'll need to spend more resources, other types, rare materials, and eventually gold and gems. The costs increase significantly and it will someday be impossible without the manpower to perform an upgrade or to perform the maintenance. The size of the claimed area depends on the performance of the corp. The more different areas it claims, the more cost and effort comes to them. 4) Each tier increases resource extraction yield, crop yields, livestock, taming rate and bonus experience for all friendly players and tamed creatures. It should be worthwhile for larger companies to reach even higher levels of expansion. Highend tier areas are significant attractive for little corps to settle there and generate taxes. Declaiming/Attack system 1) PvP: Same declaiming system as currently used. Only the minor flagg can be attacked. If the flagg is won, the side flaggs will switch the owners too. So the defenders have to protect their minor flagg. 2) PvE: Same system as currently used, but with lower declaiming time (2-3 hours) and without the bug, that random players outside the corp can interrupt it. 3) There should be timeouts on both types of servers for attacking and taking over areas. During this time the areas are not vulnerable. The companies should be allowed to set about 8 hours to rest. Maybe more during the week. This prevents companies from other time zones from taking advantage of other players' rest periods. Because most players have a life and a profession outside of the game. The timeout can only be changed once a week. Maybe these suggestions cause something. Maybe there are many more and better ideas. It can not stay the way it is now. Greetings Othias
  3. @ExplodingYeti The only crafting benches you have to set on your ship are the smithy and mortar & pistle. These benches are needed for the most recipes and to repair the essential tools. You can place it even on sloops, if you know how to build the under deck up. See this tutorial vid for help to build a good sloop with usable under deck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UIpIJ1WXfE Its only one example. There are many more cool designs for the sloop. The loom and the tanner are not necessary to have on a ship constantly. The loom is only to build new sails, storage bags and some other optional stuff. You can place it temporary to build this new stuff and then you can it break down. Also the tanner. You need it to craft new clothes for colder regions. If you have it, you need the tanner not anymore. The clothes last for a very long time and very rarely have to be repaired or rebuilt. Exempted of course is the PvP or die on a far region. The melt I use only on lawless islands near metal deposits. I make my desired supply of bars and sail on. I have these crafting stations in my storage and if i need one, then i place it. Thats it! I hope that will help you. Good Luck and have fun!
  4. I have the same problem. It is very annoying. You work for hours on the ship and then it disappears when changing the map. You end up as shark food with no chance to recover your equipment. Pls fix it soon. Its a gamebreaking bug for new players in freeports.
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