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  1. FINALLY! Well done @Chismebeard @Namiand @Gortok
  2. Ah, there is the reason for eliminating PVE. Could just scramble the islands for PVE map. You could even make it procedurally generated randomly, so every PVE server has a different make up.
  3. I'm hoping the reason for this is to have more offical servers. Smaller sailing zone, and spread the users over 2 officials, would help overall gameplay
  4. Welcome aboard @Chismebeard, @Nami, and @Gortok! Your PVE community is feeling a little left out/betrayed. Can you share your plans for its future?
  5. Is it a laptop or desktop? If laptop make sure its plugged in to power while playing and battery saver is disabled. If desktop, make sure your monitor is plugged in to the graphics card and not the on board graphics.
  6. Do you remember what island? My theory is was map quality is based in relation to distance. The further the map, the higher the quality. But since every grid sector has the same max possible distance, online the grids that are the max distance away from a powerstone island can get the boosted MW maps. Just a thought
  7. You know for sure as in you've seen it this "season". Or was it a previous run of it.
  8. I've been playing Atlas since its launch, and have only ever personally seen Masterwork maps, at a max of about 31. I have seen images, and heard rumors of legendary maps. Can you confirm whether they exist or are at all possible to find in the current game state?
  9. Same with NA PVE PTR. using a controller, trying to pull up inventory causes the crash.
  10. I have Mythical BP's (not ship BP's) for guns, bows, melee, all armors. Also have gold. WIlling to trade or buy some Mythos.
  11. I am all for the cost upkeep. IF there is a limit on flags, it will likely be a lot higher than most of you suggest. Making it small (3-5) basically negates the purpose of a taxation bank and the whole tax system.
  12. The waterskin fills up automatically when in the barrel, so you have to click e on it to fill the barrel and empty the waterskin. Then you can craft
  13. SOO what you're saying is leaderboards should be dependent on who has the most Rum? I can get down with that.
  14. Great... Now I want a mod to play this game from a dragon\drake POV..
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