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  1. Holera

    Fountains of Youth

    Interested in how i could look at the age of 200...
  2. Holera

    Fountains of Youth

    I saw some stories on forum about fountains of youth that will prevent you from dying in the future. Is it true or just a joke?
  3. Holera

    Time to claim a ship

    You'll prefer doing same with Gally or Brig?
  4. Holera

    Time to claim a ship

    Stream: We changed claiming times, adjusted mechanics. Result: Still waiting 6 hours to claim one shitty sloop. No one can really board your ship, kill you and steal your boat, it'd be easier to just sink it. Can't understand, why it's working like that. Maybe devs should reduce claiming times while ship is unanchored in High Seas?
  5. He reminds me of Derek Smart a little bit.
  6. What do you mean exactly? Didn't understand.
  7. Holera

    Where can I hire crew now?

    Thank you!
  8. So, hiring crew in freeport now very limited. But where can I find more crew to actually defend my base and operate the elevator? SotD?
  9. Wow, impressive.
  10. Holera

    New weight solution is a very bad fix..

    Exactly. Time to lower the anchor on some hostages!
  11. Holera

    New weight solution is a very bad fix..

    So if I suddenly anchor my ship when i have strangers on board, they will instantly get stuck? Nice exploit!
  12. Almost half of added features aren't working properly. Hello, can anyone hear me??
  13. When Ramshackle Sloop start to work properly? Still waiting for somekind of hotfix, it sunk when you swim between server squares.