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  1. HI there since the latest update we are unable to make any type of aliances on pve server im not sure if this is intended or a bug since the patch is there annyone that can awnser this question we are currently living on a allready claimed island and we want to start aliance with the land owners but they are unable to invite us and we are unable to invite them plz advice
  2. Virus


    hi there pve server foy cave is blocked from the ouside and from the inside there is bats and wolfs inside the cave tunnels bloking it compleetly there is no getting tru there at all anny 1 got anny ideas ?
  3. Virus

    unable to tame

    unabel to tame a rhine while in bola using turnip cant seem to get the feeding option also i got all the skills needed plz advice >?
  4. ive also seen flags with +10000 resent upkeep also i contested a flag place with no players online or sleeping within my flag radius and it was still contested 3 flag away is the system just broken or ?
  5. hi there we have bin trying to claim a little piece of land but every time i cant seem to place my flag down becouse of a resent upkeep but it says - 232841 second before claiming and its counting down so there is no end to the countdown so its basicly not posible to claim when we find a piece of land we can claim its instalntly contested becouse the current owners are logged out and asleep in there boat/ house they are contesting even when there offline for like forever can anny1 explane to me how this works ?
  6. trees seem to be respawning in lawless if there are no buildings or player placed structures in the area we removed a lot of foundations and the trees not all but some have respawned so my geus is that player placed structions are blocking the respawns in lawless now this is a big problem becouse most lawless islands are fully build on with no room to spare hence no respawns
  7. if yo uahve no stats point or respec points you have to verify your game files in steam you might have a bp server issue where your chat info is no longer connecting fully hope this helps
  8. all the servers seem to have the same problem ive seen multible servers NA en EU showing no resource respawns and isntead of the water creatures spawnrate reduced we got like 9 mantas on a small beach and there now highly agressive some1 must have put in some odd program data in the v10 hope it gets fixed soon couse no resources no ships no play time no game
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